Friday, April 12, 2002

Witch Contest

The Utopian Circle production presents The first*Witch contest. Brought to the streets of Manhattan. It is a new millenium and a new way of filming. In a club a selected group of girls will compete for the City throne by showing there skills in three catagories. (Don't be confused, I think they mean "their" skills.) All the while the rage of grind. (Now you can be confused.) But further - we follow the girls leading up to,through, and post production, filming the dirty truth of competition. (Competition for what again? Did I miss something?) Already interested backing, possible telivision show,but aim at a Street documentary. Girls to recieve and unidentified amount of coverage. This will be a rave and no more information can go out as to the unique cinematography editing and plot line. Beauty comes in many ways, talented, and agressive then this might breed you much media. (Breed me much media, eh? And all I have to do is something you can't say at a location you can't disclose? Sounds completely above-board! Where do I sign?) A cover letter only with return Phone and email - one page. pictures. To for moreinformation.

Full sentences no. Like keep simple. Show boobs. Take drugs. Film good.

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