Saturday, August 24, 2002

Ninjas, Hitler, Demons And Mobsters... OH MY!

"NIKOS", Digital Film
Casting for "Nikos," a digital film. Christian XXXXX, prod'r; Joseph XXXXX, line prod'r; Andreas XXXXX, dir. (cult German horror director). Seeking all types, especially: goofy and serious teenagers (college age); older men and women, ages 40-70; Ninjas, with costumes; Adolph Hitler look-alike; beautiful female succubus/demon (no nudity); Mafiosa male, age 35; lesbians for bar scene. Also seeking extras: policemen; students; Romanian warriors. Most roles are low-paying. Some roles are non-paying. Specify if you are willing to work for no pay. Videocopy, meals, credit, and transportation provided. Send pix & resumes by Oct. 1 to PO Box XXXXX, Mineola, NY 11501; or email

I find it hard to believe that the succubus/demon won't be naked. Aren't beautiful female succubi/demons always naked? Maybe the lesbians in the bar scene will take it all off...

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