Friday, July 01, 2005

"Deliverance" Meets Nude Bikers: All Hell Has Broken Loose

George XXXXX (prod.) will hold an open call for The 49th Line, a digital horror film about a hidden mountain community's greed that has damned its people to a bloody legacy and a nightmare force that haunts them. (A hidden mountain community's greed? I'm so desperate to know what they're so greedy about. "Thems my shiny rocks! You git yer own shiny rocks!") Dir. Drew XXXXX. Shoot starts Sept. in in Colorado. Copy, credit, meals, travel, and lodging provided. There is pay. Breakdown–Brian: male, 30s, LEAD; Sheriff: 50+, salt-and-pepper hair, five o'clock shadow; George: 45+, short, portly, disheveled, instantly likeable; Janice: early 30s, professional, Brian's girlfriend, nudity required; Jon: smaller of two brothers, good-looking, college student; Jeff: Jon's older brother, loves the ladies, loves to party; Gina: early 20s, cute, witty, partial nudity required; Hunters: late 20s-30s, gold ol' boys who love beer and guns; Biker Couple: 30s, pack riders, nudity required. (Ooookaaaaay... that doesn't sound appealing at all.) Bring comps and contact info. Open call will be held on July 9, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at XXXXX Blvd., N. Hollywood. For more information e-mail NON-UNION

I have to say I am really pleased to see this pays. It's becoming more and more apparent to me that the New York area is where most people want you to bare it all for nothing more than a piece of pizza and a bottle of Poland Spring.

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