Friday, April 07, 2006

Ummm... Ew?

Baby Hippopotamus Productions is casting Weasel Erotica, a comedy about love, relationships, and naughty zoo animals, and loving relations with naughty zoo animals. Rich XXXXX, prod. Rehearsals begin late May; runs Aug. 4-27 in NYC.Seeking—Ms. Rittenrotten: late 30s-50s, Margaret Dumont-type, off-center wealthy dowager; Alison: 20s-30s, savvy businesswoman at the end of her rope; Flo: 20s-30s, sexy, sultry seductress for hire; The Zoo Girls: exotic dancer types who also serve as zookeepers; Harry: 30s-40s, dimwitted con-man with a heart of gold; Roy: 20s-30s, handsome loner who can’t seem to do much of anything right; Males and Females: 18+, any ethnicity, to play various characters; Puppeteers: also needed to help create, build and control a zoo full of randy animals. Auditions will be held by appt. For consideration, send pix & résumés to Weasel Casting, Baby Hippopotamus Productions, XXXXX., Ste. 2, Union City, NJ 07087; or email to No pay.

Also needed: Two actors (male of female, any age range) to represent "the line of bad taste", so that this play can LEAP RIGHT OVER IT!

(Sure... I joke now... but I'm sure I'll regret never having sent in my picture when it's a hit.)

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King Talent said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! Hope you'll come check out the show. In the meantime, feel free to visit