Friday, October 20, 2006

A Casting Notice Decoded:

must send pictures

afro American girls needed for American gangster 21 to 30 good looking topless scene with movie star
we need afro American females 21 to 30 for a topless scene with cubin goodin jr in American gangster good pay sag waver if interested email a full body picture and name and number to JT or call 212- XXX-XXXX
audition is Thursday oct 19th 11am to 4pm
Sincerely, JT


Sag Waver: Not to be confused with a 'SAG Waiver', a Sag Waver is a representative from the Screen Actor's Guild who stands behind the crew and waves friendly hellos at you as you shoot. This is done to boost morale - especially during topless scenes.

Cubin Goodin Jr.: The Caribbean, Spanish-speaking, non-union stand-in for Cuba Gooding Jr.

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