Tuesday, October 24, 2006

High Art Jersey Style

Truancy Films LLC is casting Bazookas: The Movie, a comedy in the tradition of Porky’s and Old School. Michael XXXXX, dir. Shooting Oct. 13-26 (mostly at night, some extend into the early hours) in Medford, NJ (Cherry Hill area). Awesome. NJ in the wee hours of the morning shooting a sophomoric college parody... I have goosebumps already. Seeking--Background Actors in South Jersey: male and female, 18+, all types, including two scenes requiring actors and actresses, 55+. Note: Also casting several small speaking roles and featured extra roles. Movie takes place in a gym, so wardrobe will be simple. I bet! Email pix and contact info ASAP to XXXXX.com. No pay, but credit provided.

I know I scoff at projects like this that do not pay, but I honestly don't know if you could pay me enough to do a graveyard shift film shoot a la Porky's in a gym somewhere in south Jersey with a few dozen other non-union (translated: "mostly crazy") actors. Is that mean? Ok, ok... maybe I could. I bet those movies are fun to make... But still... something about this makes me exhausted just reading it. Maybe it's the title. You have to give them credit though - "Bazookas: The Movie" does sound way better than "Boobies: Yay For Boobies".


Anonymous said...

Bazookas: The Movie

Yes, getting extras in Southern NJ in the middle of the night is not easy, very true. Despite the grueling hours, the cast and crew did manage to have quite a bit of fun.

I must correct your info. The "Nudity Required, No Pay" doesn't apply to this movie. It is true that the background actors did not receive pay (not unusual at all for low budget Indies). There were some roles in the movie that required nudity and these were all for PAY (and in some instances more than you would think). We never asked for nudity from background actors or extras.

Oh, and the movie isn't a parody by any means -- the story/screenplay is original and takes place at a gym owned by a character named Gus Bazooka. For more info:



Anonymous said...

Bazookas: The Movie

Two more things.....

I see you speculated that the director was acting in the movie. Actually, the director doesn't appear in the movie at all. Not a single frame!

Last thing, I should have been more clear in my last post. All the main characters in the movie were paid. In fact, many of the small roles were paid too (15-20 characters off the top of my head.)

NJ may not yet be known for "High Art" but we are fair.

Thanks again,


Gabby said...

That's fantastic! I only address the casting notices as written - so any information not given in the notice... I only have my imagination to fill in the blanks. But best of luck to you and congratulations.

Joe Tornatore said...

I did this red eye overnight shoot. It was a blast. The director made it fun and enjoyable despite the odd hours. The extras were not crazy...just actors looking for a break or happy to see themselves in film.
the trailer is entertaining and worth watching.