Thursday, November 02, 2006

"You Know, I Kind Of Didn't Want To Come To This Country, So Now I must Take My Revenge - Nonverbally, Of Course"

Shelter Media is casting a short (15-17 min.) metaphysical mystery entitled The Encounter, a metaphysical mystery. Paul XXXXX, dir. Shooting over a long weekend in January or February (Fri.-Mon., exact dates TBA) in northeastern PA.Seeking Hania: ex-best friend of the lead female character, Ula, has been brought to America from Poland somewhat against her will, though she senses a chance to take revenge on Ula, must have fluency in an Eastern European language, does not have to be Polish, but something that will enable you to learn some Polish for the role, supporting role. Note: Good verbal and nonverbal skills required. Email pix & resumes to Possible pay, plus videocopy, credit, meals, transportation, and housing provided.

"Dear Paul,

I am writing in response to your ad for The Encounter, A Metaphysical Mystery. I would like to audition for the role of Hania. I am not fluent in Polish but I learn languages very quickly. Also, I am an excellent nonverbal communicator: I know the American Sign Language alphabet and I am good at charades. I can also write things on paper.

I also noticed that you or whoever posted this article doesn't like periods or other punctuation, only commas, which can sometimes be confusing, so I think your non-verbal communication skills are somewhat lacking, as well, I would still, like to audition for you, anyway, and I also like metaphysics, by the way.

Your Future Hania

PS - Please explain 'Somewhat against her will'. ?"

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