Friday, March 23, 2007

Now I'm Just Being Picky.

The Entertainment Agora is casting The File on Ryan Carter, about the unlikely and explosive friendship of a college athlete and a political activist beginning in the late 1930s and following it through the HUAC investigation of Hollywood in the late 1940s. David XXXXX, dir.; Bruce XXXXX, prod. mgr. Rehearsals begin late April; performs late May-early July.Seeking—Jewish Political Activist: intense, radical, playwright, later screenwriter; Midwestern College Athlete: sexually compulsive, corn fed, later a radio performer and film actor. Note: Both roles require full nudity and stimulated sexual activity. Send pix & résumés to XXXXX, 10003; or email Pay for both rehearsals and performances.

Ok, they want full nudity but they are paying. The notice reads well, except... is the activist male or female? I assumed male since it says "unlikely and explosive", so I just assumed that means "homoerotic" in some way. But then I was like, "Gabby, don't rush to judgment..." so I scrolled to the bottom and sure enough it read "Seeking: males".

So I feel inclined to tell David and Bruce, that just for the record, women can be political activists/playwrights/screenwriters, too, you know. Not just men.


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