Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Classic Nudity Required, No Pay!

Filthy Martini Entertainment is casting Tom’s Phone, an HDDV feature-length production, about a bizarre love triangle that develops when a phone is forgotten in a cab. Pierre XXXXX, dir.; Alyssa XXXXX, casting. Shoot starts early July.

Seeking—Thomas: male, 20s, Caucasian, 5’8”-6’2”, level-headed, personable, aloof, naturally “cool” guy, handsome, slightly awkward, LEAD; Leila: female, 20s, Caucasian, 5’5”-5’10”, reserved, beautiful, elegant, composed, brief partial nudity and suggestive lesbian scene, LEAD; Joanna: female, 20s, 5’0”-5’6”, exotic-looking, attractive, sensual, flirtatious, artistic, suggestive lesbian scene, LEAD; Franco: 20s, 5’8”-6’2”, fun, brash, crass-yet-lovable, think Cal from 40-Year-Old Virgin; Tina: 20s, loud, fun-loving, hot, slutty, hip, “in-crowd” look. Also casting supporting and minor characters—Girl in her 20s, Middle Eastern Cabbie, Tom’s Guy Friends, and Various Extras.

Auditions will be held by appt. For an appt., send pix & résumés to 280 XXXXX, NYC 10009 or email to XXXXX.com. No pay, but copy, credit, and meals provided.

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