Friday, September 28, 2007

Well, That Solves The Costume Budget Issues...


Do What Now Media (prod.) is casting Bitch Macbeth, a neo-Shakespearian psychodrama. Michele XXXXX, prod.; Christian XXXXX, asst. dir.; Sara E. XXXXX, choreo.; Frank XXXXX, prod.-dir. Rehearsals begin early Oct.; runs Jan. 4-26 at the Brick Theater in NYC.Seeking—Macbeth: male, 30s, brooding, the air of a man whom life happens to, and who doesn’t know why or how, must dance/move very well, have strong physical presence; Small Asbury: male, 18-22, an angry young man, wiry, tough but not street smart, tortured, determined, didactic, must dance or move very well; Asbury: male, 30s-40s, a lion in winter, a great bear of a man now gone to seed and vice; Other Thorn: male, 20s, a beautiful, imposing Adonis, sensitive, quietly strong, doomed, full, sexual nudity required; Rbiter: male, 30s-40s, sly, effortlessly manipulative, cold, detached yet keenly aware of everything around him; Auctioneer: male, 30s-40s, theatrical, charismatic, irresistible force of nature; Femme Macbeth: female, 20s, beautiful in a cruel way, fiery, dangerous, ruthless, must dance or move very well, note: full nudity required; Prime Asbury: female, 18-22, ingénue, thinks she’s an old soul but just has her head in the clouds, heartbreaker, someone to protect, must dance or move very well, full nudity required; Aurora: female, 18-25, slave, confidante, consigliore, survivor, Note: full nudity required; Wire: female, 20s, dominatrix apprentice, maternal, eager, starry-eyed, a believer; Male and Female Dancers: 18-35, to play assorted soldiers, slaves, royalty, dominatrixes, go-go dancers, etc., will play various roles, some with dialogue or scenes, many silent, nudity required for some dancers’ roles (both men and women), but not all. Email pix & résumés to No pay.

It's fall already. I'm cold just thinking about these rehearsals. Brrr.

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