Friday, November 09, 2007

She Cares Because She's Topless


TheSkinnieMinnies (prod.) is casting Crazy Girls, an HDV 27-min (Wow, that is a really specific guess at a running time considering it hasn't even been filmed yet) short film. Mark XXXXX, dir. Shooting in Dec. Seeking principals—Professor McCrane: male, 50s, mature, distinguished, looks like he’s lived and seen a lot; Anderson: male, 30s-40s, cool, calm, collected, nothing surprises him; David: male, 20s-30s, can put on the charm when he has to, but behind closed doors is abusive; Dr. Walters: female, 30s, psychiatrist, intelligent, no-nonsense, but still caring, note: brief topless nudity required; Dr. Miller: male, 40s, chief resident; Dr. Stanley and Dr. Chandra: male or female, 20s, residents; Nurses: male and female, any age. Also seeking background—Para Military #1: male, 30s; Para Military: male and female, 20s; Residents: male and female, 20s; Indian Woman: 18+; Male Orderlies: 30s; Neighbors: male and female, 18+; Police Officers: male and female, uniform a plus. Also seeking staff—Makeup Artist: for beauty and special effects. Auditions will be held by appt. only. Email pix & résumés to For more information, visit No pay, but copy, credit, and meals provided. Producer plans to apply for SAG Short Film Agreement.

So... where are all the crazy girls? Have they already been cast? Or is Dr. Walters it? Perhaps the ladies mentioned are really just her split personalities - her caring, intelligent and topless inner-selves? I guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out - it'll only take 27 minutes of your time.

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