Thursday, January 31, 2008



Alex XXXXX (dir.) is casting Spooky Cabin, a Long Island University (C.W. Post campus) student film. Brian XXXXX, casting dir. Shooting Feb. in NY.

Seeking—Father: middle-aged, Caucasian, who gets a break on a reality show; Teenage Boy: 16-18, Caucasian; Male: early 20s, Caucasian.

Email pix & résumés to Sides will be available at a later time. No pay, but copy, credit, meals, and travel provided.

How can this cabin be spooky when there are no babes, no breasts, no thongs, no "brief non-sexual" nudity? I'm afraid dear readers, that this poor filmmaker is lost in the woods on the tasteful outskirts of Crazy Town - completely out of touch with the usual "scary" movie fodder - and only a screaming naked co-ed can help him/her find their way back to exploitative scripts, and thus, sanity.


thekandymon13 said...

Hello Gabby,

So good to read your well-written blog. I surely assume you have no trouble finding work with writing skills that impressive. Unfortunately, I feel that there has been some terrible mix-up. It has become clear to me that you have mistaken my film, "Spooky Cabin," for a horror movie while it is in fact a powerful father-son drama. Allow me to clear things up for you... more personally. Please email me at "" I hope to hear from you soon.

-Brian G. Ariotti

Gabby said...

That's okay, darling. It was sort of a joke. I just assumed it was supposed to be a scary/horror film, but it seems I was wrong. It's happened before. But still, it's always nice to see a film that's not exploiting actors - so I think I'll keep the post up, if that's alright?

Thanks for writing and good luck with your project.