Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In A Valley With 'The Alley' Is A Druggy With The Dragon


Amuck Duck Films is casting Control the Dragon, a DV fantasy/horror short film about an adventure-seeking college student who, despite her boyfriend’s warning, explores the haunting myths of “the Alley” and finds herself under the mind control of the Alley’s cult leader, who keeps the dwellers of the Alley under his control with “The Dragon.” Anthony XXXXX, prod.-asst. dir.; Jerry XXXXX, dir.-editor-asst. prod. Shooting Oct.-Nov.

Seeking—Samantha: female, 18-30, adventurous, wide-eyed, must be able to fight for your life and deal with the evils of the Alley (Uh, is 'The Alley' real? Because I'm not sure I can deal with the evils of 'The Alley'.), LEAD; Ghost/Cult Leader: male, mid-20s to mid-40s, average build, LEAD; Eric: male, 18-27 (that is a mighty specific age range), Samantha’s boyfriend, keeper of the secrets of the Alley; Cop 1: male, 20s; Cop 2: male or female, 20s-40s; Druggy 1: male, 20s-40s, tall, medium to muscular build; Druggy 2: male, tall, medium to muscular build; Druggy 3: female, hot-looking junkie (Woo hoo! Hot junkies!); Married Couple: male and female, 30s-50s; Samantha’s Roommate: female, 18-27, brief topless nudity required for murder scene (Of course - because no young woman ever dies clothed. That's like, a law of nature); Journalism Professor: male, 25-45, glory-stealing meddler. Also seeking—Druggy Extras. Note: All roles listed are speaking roles. Druggies are mystic, moody, timeless, and loyal to their leader, but always in need of a fix. All roles require special FX makeup, and may need to execute staged horrific acts (Oh, wow. You mean, like, 'act'? Could you be more specific?).

Auditions will be held by appt. only in NYC. Email pix & résumés, with contact info, to For more info and questions, email No pay, but credit and meals provided.

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