Friday, August 22, 2008

I'll Skip This One - I'm Waiting For 'Black Veil 7: Sanguines On Ice!'


Nightforce International Productions is casting Tales of the Black Veil 6: Sanguines on Stage. Rod XXXXX, exec. prod.-dir.; John XXXXX, writer-dir.; XXXXX Warlocke (Cute! His last name is Warlocke! Awww...), head writer. Runs Nov. 20-23 at the Producers Club Grand Theater, 358 W. 44th St. (at Ninth Ave.), NYC.

Seeking—Alex: young man whose wife Annie has a strange scarf around her neck (That role is so me! I have strange scarves I could wear around my neck! I was MADE for this role!); Therapist: helps out Annie with her nervousness about marrying Alex; Nemesis: vampire with a strong sense of justice and a fatal way of meting it out; Carnal: sleazebag neighbor of Nemesis, may have abused his daughter; Darius Isaac Chamberlain: uber-snooty artist/gallery owner, will wear a leotard; Darius’ Assistant: Darius’ soon to be fired assistant, very nervous; Vamp: female vampire who is hit on by a lush; Dorian: vampire friend of Vamp; Blaine: vampire, suave, quick-thinking, very charming; Sylvia: Blaine’s vampire roommate, has a human boyfriend; Malky: Blaine’s other vampire roommate, think Pinky from Pinky and the Brain as a vampire; Cop: looking for a missing girl, finds a lot more (Like the Fountain of Youth? Spare change in the sofa? tell me!); Pizza Guy: serving food, becomes food; Victim: spends most of the show tied up; Sammael: vampire, sired by Praxys; Annicia: female vampire, student of Angelica; Angelica: female vampire, mentor of Annicia; Praxys: lord of the clan, has a long history with the Hawthorne family; Melana: vampire, pursued by vampire hunters; Simon Hawthorne: patriarch of the family of vampire hunters; Victor Hawthorne: eager scion of the family of vampire hunters; Jonas: human ally of vampires; Anna: Simon’s wife, made a sacrifice to maintain peace with the vampires; Various Other Roles.

Email pix & résumés to and For more information, visit Possible pay, plus copy provided.

Ok, I count 10+ characters and the largest stage at the Producer's Club, um, isn't that large. Nor is the back stage area. I say, they must be legitimate vampires - hanging upside down in the wings from up high - if they are to fit everyone in that space.

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