Friday, May 15, 2009

The Feel Good Movie Of The Year


Insane-O-Rama Productions is casting Hell Fire, a feature-length HDV horror film about four prostitutes who kidnap the Anti-Christ. Marc XXXXX, dir.; Frank XXXXX, prod. Shooting late summer in NY & NJ.

Seeking—Shanice: female, 20s, prostitute, religious but weak-willed, descends into madness as the Anti-Christ gets in her head, spends the last act of the film in a state of demonic possession, no nudity but must be comfortable in underwear, LEAD; Cinnamon: female, 20s, former porn star-turned-drug addicted prostitute, flaky, emotionally unstable, violent, full of subtle nervous ticks and habits due to a life of pain and trauma, first to become possessed by demons, spends the second half of the film in a state of demonic possession, topless nudity required, LEAD; Marisol: 20s, pregnant woman carrying the unborn messiah, angelic in appearance but tough, supporting role; Tony "Tiny" Wang: male, 20s-40s, Asian, heavy, Catholic, with a secret life of hookers and strange fetishes, spends the last act of the film in a state of demonic possession, supporting role; Gabriel "Dark Gable" James: male, 30s+, pimp and small-time drug dealer, violent, not too bright, tells lies to make himself look like more than he is, supporting role; Shawn: male, heavyset, owner of a bar, mid-level drug dealer, a funny guy who spends a lot of time teasing his friends, supporting role; Kasey: female, 18-25, drug-addicted teen runaway who is beaten to death by her pimp, reappears several times as an apparition, supporting role; Mr. D'Neapolis: male, 50s, family man, incestuous pedophile, no nudity, but simulated sex scene with 17-year-old daughter character under covers required, supporting role; Mrs. D'Neapolis: female, 50s, alcoholic, Oxycontin-abusing mother, terrible mother, turned a blind eye to her husband's pedophilia, non-speaking role, must be able to tell her drug-addicted story with subtle expressions; Demon Double: female, any age, athletic build, double for lead character who fights a demon identical to herself in one scene, actress will only be seen from behind and face will not appear on camera, special effects and editing will be used to make it appear as if lead actress is fighting her double.

Email pix & résumés to or send to Frank XXXXX, XXXXX, Brooklyn, NY 11214. Specify which role you are submitting for. Pay provided for all roles.

I love a cast of characters that reads: Shanice, Cinnamon, "Dark Gable", "Tiny Wang" and Demon Double. Say no more! I get the whole concept! Can I order my straight-to-DVD copy in advance, please?

Well lovelies, at least it pays... some unspecified amount. I just hope it pays enough to make the nightmares and the shame worthwhile...


Anonymous said...

Just off the profile, I can only lament that should we ever meet, you'd be disappointed by the simple fact that I wanted to see you naked.

Somehow, everything got all twisted up.

That might have been a bad thing...but it wasn't supposed to be a terrible thing.

Gabby said...

Not at all! Why would that disappoint me? What would disappoint is if you asked me to get naked on camera in some really bad movie and you would refuse to pay me for my time. THAT would be a tragedy.

Normal horny desires are completely acceptable. Probably not fullfillable - but natural and acceptable.