Friday, January 22, 2010

Largrie & Sprotwear??? My Head Hurts...

print modeling jobs for feb 200010 (newyorkcity.) (Casting now for the year 200,010 seems a little premature.)
Date: 2010-01-22, 12:12PM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

we are casting for upcommining photo print paying jobs in the city, all female models must be 57 to 59 dress 4 too 10 for leather weare dress largrie wear sprotwear evening gowns promdresses ext payment imed female and actresses can apply pay is made by the designer after the photo shooting is done please download a photo w stas age call back number for a newyork city casting call please emale we are not a modeling agency we are a photo production studio no fees all payment is in your hands no problem. (Beg pardon - but I strongly feel there IS a problem, here.)

* Location: newyorkcity.
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: this is a paying print modeling jobs in feb 200010 spring wear

Are you f*cking kidding me? This person can't spell OR count. This seems almost unreal. Like it must be a joke. I can't decide what on earth could be the reason behind this abomination. What do you think?

  • English is not his first, second or even third language.
  • He's actually a 9 year old boy trying to lure women so he can hopefully get to touch his first boob.
  • He's drunk/high.
  • He doesn't speak English and is drunk/high on the prospect of boobs.

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