Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Day, Another Totally Naked Simulated Rape Scene...


Morgue Art Films is casting Thighs of Steel (working title), a short horror film about a woman's revenge. Jennifer XXXXX, co-writer-dir.; James XXXXX, co-writer-prod. Shoot begins late June-Aug. in Stage College, PA.

Seeking—Actress: early-to-mid 20s, nude scene occurs during an attempted rape (full nudity required). Producer's statement: "Film has huge festival potential, possible distribution, and guaranteed exposure." (Ba-dum-bum!)

Email pix & résumés to James XXXXX at or Jennifer XXXXX at Some pay, plus copy, credit, meals, travel and lodging provided.

So James & Jennifer appear to either be a married couple, or brother and sister (or cousins) - judging by the last name. Which makes me wonder if, at any point, James looked at Jennifer and thought, "Yes, darling, I would be totally supportive of you if you wanted to do an all-nude rape scene for 'some' pay. Now go get me another beer, bitch."

And doesn't the tongue-in-cheek-ish title seem a little, erm, insensitive? I'd hate to imagine what any film called 'Buns of Steel' might be about...


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