Friday, April 06, 2012

I Got Friends In Strange Places

It's been too long! Gabby's been busy working as an actor. Can you believe it? Working. As an actor.

I know I promised I'd write more regularly. Oopsie! Maybe I should go into politics, instead?

On the upside - I was very happy to open an email from a bad-speller stranger today, addressing me as a "friend." She sure is one "hot" "friend" (who cares if she can't spell?)! How lucky am I?

Hello My Industry friends

I am really exicted [sic] for this Spring and Summer Projects and as promise I am staying in touch to let you know what on my calendar.

The Elite Image's Hottest Model Competition is around the coming register today if you can attend at WWW.AREYOUTHEHOTTESTMODEL.COM (Yes - the competition is around and coming! Register today!)

Also visit our talent partner Promise to Dream foundation at for talent resources.

Call me at 347-XXX-XXXX or email me at
Let’s stay in touch (Nah.)
Karen XXXXX- Elite Image International


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