Monday, May 20, 2013

Every Adventure Needs A Sci-Fi Prostitute

Production: Caihong City (Feature Film)
Location: Brooklyn
Employer: Caihong City
Duration: 2 months (shoot is 2 weeks), starts June (non-Union artist contracts)        
Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Director: Florina XXXXX. 'Caihong City' is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi fairy tale of a man's quest to overcome class segregation in an ever-divided city.

TO APPLY send an email to STATING THE ROLE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR IN THE SUBJECT LINE and attach your photo (headshot and full body), a resume (if applicable), and a brief paragraph stating your interest to work on this project.

We will contact you ASAP if we think you are a good match and schedule an audition on either Wed or Fri (May 15th and 17th).


Rehearsals TBA (end of June, beginning of July) in New York
Shoot dates July 10th - July 28th in New York

No Pay but Food, Credit, Copy of film, Delivered scenes for actor's portfolio/reel, opportunity to work with international award-winning crew

For more about the project check out our Indiegogo campaign that features an introductory video from Romanian director Florina XXXXX and co-writer and actor Zhao XXXXX.


Apply to: Anastasia XXXXX
12 breakdowns:

1.   Miss Berbek (Supporting): Male, 35-55 , All Ethnicities - comfortable with cross dressing (drag) - MAIN villain of the film - able to speak gibberish - skinny - creepy smile is a must

2.   Ecaterina (Supporting): Female, 40-50 , Caucasian - toned body on the skinny side, (toned arms) - natural blonde hair - Russian ethnicity is a plus - Able to look older or younger at different moments

3.   Tanti Lili (Day Player): Female, 35-64 , All Ethnicities - need to speak Romanian ! - jolly, healthy looking - big breasts

4.  Lebrac (Day Player): Male, 50-70 , All Ethnicities - speaking French is a plus - skinny - strong bone structure

5. Wu Ayi (Day Player): Female, 60-90 , Asian - OK with semi-nudity (scene is in a bathhouse, character is in hot water) - speaks Chinese - quiet and wise

6.  Renmin Square Seller (Day Player): Female, 61-80 , All Ethnicities - able to speak gibberish - small - evil

7. Bunny Hat Boy (Day Player): Male, 20-30 , All Ethnicities - able to speak gibberish, talk fast - excitable - natural and overwhelming hand gestures - nerdy appearance

8. Old Man (Day Player): Male, 66-91 , All Ethnicities - able to speak gibberish - bald and skinny

9.  Brothel's Guardian (Day Player): Male, 30-50 , All Ethnicities - skinny - aggressive - evil

10.  Maake (Supporting): Males & Females, 10-13 , All Ethnicities - either a young boy or young girl - natural leader, confident - skinny - able to speak gibberish - big speaking role (monologue) need not memorize, but improvise • Drunk Tranny (Day Player): Male, 18-64 , All Ethnicities - comfortable with cross-dressing - able to speak gibberish - flamboyant and sexy - comfortable with smoking • Sektor Rogvaiv Child (Background / Extra): Males & Females, 5-15 , All Ethnicities - children please apply, any ethnicity and/or gender - children will be dressed in poor attire and will be carrying for wounded soldiers

11.  Codak (Day Player): Male, 40-64 , All Ethnicities - good-looking and professional look (could pass for someone working in the financial district) - able to speak gibberish • Sci-fi Prostitutes (What exactly is a sci-fi prostitute?) (Day Player): Males & Females, 21-60 , All Ethnicities - comfortable with semi-nudity - wearing awesome costumes inside a brothel • Slums Inhabitant ( Background / Extra): Males & Females, 18-64 , All Ethnicities - wear awesome slums costume, eat for free and chill with the crew and cast in exchange for extra work

12.  Serioja (Lead Character's young self) (Day Player): Male, 8-13 , Caucasian - blond hair - as young looking as possible - able to scream and cry (child is in pain) - Russian ethnicity a plus • Liu Junjie (Lead Character's young self) (Day Player): Male, 6-14 , Asian - Chinese ethnicity - able to simulate pain - playing the lead character's younger version • Lavinia (Lead Character's young version) (Day Player): Female, 10-15 , Caucasian - black hair - any similarity with actress below a definite plus (young girl plays lead actress' younger self in the film), skinny body

Just FYI - on the Indiegogo page, the title is described:

'Caihong City' Or the Rainbow-Colored Adventures of a Dying Chinese Genius, a Crazy Homeless Russian and a Depressed Romanian Prostitute

I guess maybe they decided that was too 'on-the-nose'? My absolute favorite kinds of ads are those that don't want to pay you anything, and in return you must get naked, improvise, bring your own costumes (and kids), be 'able to look older or younger at different moments,' be a background extra, etc etc. Good grief. The only reward in extra work is pay. Cash money. And besides - ever hear of the phrase "You get what you pay for"? 

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