Monday, May 19, 2003

Obnoxious, Sarcastic, Bitchy Strippers Who Are Also Caring, Loving And Affectionate.

INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM CASTING CALL – RESUME AND HEADSHOT SUBMISSIONS: Female - (drumroll please...) Voluptuous Stripper types



AUDITIONS TO BE HELD: SUMMER and FALL 2003 (2004, and Winter 2006. Shoot dates TBA.)

Long Island, New York based Mishi Films is now accepting headshots, resumes, DVD and VHS audition reels, links to actors websites and web video clips for the following:

1. Female - Voluptuous Stripper types

* UNION and NON-UNION Female actors / performers
* Age range: 21-30 years old
* Height: 4"11" - 5'8" (FOUR FEET ELEVEN INCHES??? Wow. They aren't picky are they?)
* Character Traits: Obnoxious, sarcastic, bitchy, has an attitude, with a edge, yet caring, loving and affectionate.
* Must be comfortable wearing sexy lingerie
* No nudity (Until we change our minds during production.)

Submission Guidelines:

VHS Submissions:
If you have a current acting reel available we would like to see it.

Original VHS audition tapes should show a minimum of two-three monologues of existing or new and original material, and demonstrate your comedic acting ability. (Ability to swirl tassles in opposing directions while accepting money from the audience a plus.)

Mail Submissions:
Please include your e-mail address on your headshot and in your resume. Please send headshots, resumes, DVD and VHS reels to:

Michelle XXXXX - Casting Director
Mishi Films

XXXXX, NY 11725

Electronic submissions:
NOTE - E-mail attachments will not be accepted and will be deleted without being opened.
E-mail casting queries: XXXXX

If you are submitting via e-mail cut and paste your headshot and resume into the body of the
e-mail document.