Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby, I ALWAYS Think "Porn Star".

Casting girls for maury show

So I'm also looking for three more girls:

One Caucasian female specifically to have very busty look.
Large breasts, skinny petite body, very attractive. star. (Is that a new mantra or something?: Think! Porn star!)

The second, a Caucasian female, young looking, with a very attractive, distinctive face.

The third, a Caucasian female, that looks young. Not very particular. (She doesn't have a particular look, or her tastes aren't that particular? You'd have to assume the latter is she was submitting for this role, I'd think.)

Every actor will have to be 18 years of AGE OR OLDER and have proper identification! Which means a drivers license/state picture ID plus a social security card; or a valid US passport.

If your not on the Datbase sign up or you will not be submitted link is on bottom