Monday, February 25, 2013

It's About Damn Time.

'Showgirls! The Musical'

MediumFace Productions (exec. prod.), is casting "Showgirls! The Musical!," a musical parody of the cult classic film "Showgirls." Writer-dir. states: "From the production company behind the successful Off-Broadway hit 'Bayside! The Musical! (The Saved by the Bell Musical).'" Bob and Tobly XXXXX, writer-dirs.

Runs for 15 performances in April (with possible extension) at the Kraine Theatre in NYC.

Seeking—Cristal Conners: female, 24-44, Caucasian, the star of the show, but possibly not for long, must be comfortable with partial non-sexual nudity. Molly/James: male or female, 21-32, African-American, Molly is Nomi's best friend, actor also plays James, the dancer. Zack/Tony/Al: male, 24-44, Caucasian, the smoking hot businessman, a Kyle McLachlan-type chin a plus but not required, must be able to play multiple characters. Gay: male, 24-44, Caucasian, gay, dance choreographer, must be able to say "thrust it" with conviction. Two Female Dancers/Chorus Members: 21-32, must be comfortable with partial non-sexual nudity. Male Dancer/Chorus Member: 21-32, a dancer with a strong falsetto.

Auditions will be held by appt. only in early Feb. to schedule an appt., email pix & résumés to XXXXX.

For more information including complete character breakdown, visit XXXXX.

Some pay provided.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sounds Like A Stinker.

Feature Film
No Pay, Transportation and Meals

Produced by: Improv Troupe Eight IS Never Enough
Writer: Evan XXXXX
Casting Director: Laurice XXXXX
Interview: Feb 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Callback: Feb 15
Shoot: Feb 18-March 20
Location: New York (some NJ and Long Island)


Mockumentary Feature film. Improv exerience a plus.

45-55, P.O.O.P Board Member, Cofounder and President, reserved, timid, not that smart.

45-55, P.O.O.P Board Member, Cofounder and Vice President, smart, the brains behind the organization.

28, P.O.O.P Board Member, Son of Beatrice and Theodore, 1st Champion, host of the event, obnoxious, privileged.

30, P.O.O.P Board Member, has a good heart, very nervous, low self-esteem, the new accountant.

24, Competitor from Los Angeles, tall, sexy, less than a genius, struggling actress/model, does extra work, considers herself famous, moving to NYC to become infamous, when she gets nervous she talks very loudly.

21, Competitor from South Carolina, country girl, hick, works at a local fast food restaurant and hopes to become manager one day, has never left her town, was raised by her grandparents, has a horrible fear of airports.

20, Competitor from Utah, big guy, intimidating, dresses and thinks he is a vampire, really a sweetheart, misunderstood, works as a crossing guard, considers himself the prince of darkness.

19, Competitor from NYC, Upper East Side, rich, privileged, a fake youthful innocence, a terror to her Nanny.

21, Competitor from the Hamptons, twin brother of Shoshanna Susannah Sheppard, gay, feminine, cocky, rich because of inheritance, lives in family house.

21, Competitor from the Hamptons, twin sister of Sebastian Sheridan Sheppard, last years winner, gay, manly, cocky, rich because of inheritance, lives in family house.

31, Competitor from NYC, lives in Chinatown, proud Vietnamese, doesn’t know she was adopted, ghetto fabulous, slightly overweight, short last name means prosperity, works at her parents dry-cleaning place.

23, Competitor from Long Island, loves animals, loves show tunes, works at an animal shelter, best friend with his mother and cat, quirky, fun-spirited, eccentric.)

(50-60, Quinn’s Mother, loving, quirky, fun-spirited. 

33, Mother to Mike Kenmore, Republican, Mormon, doesn’t know what went wrong with Mike.

43, Father to Mike Kenmore, Republican, Mormon, doesn’t think their son is different from anyone else.

25, Nancy Elizabeth’s nanny, speaks Spanish all the time, pretends not to know English, hates her job.

41, Nancy’s father, high power executive, doesn’t spend much time at home, a pushover, very proud of and loves Nancy.

[ 3 LA GIRLS ]
21-26, Katherine O’Grady’s three roommates from LA.

Any age, Lauranne Sue Ellen’s taxi driver.

Any age, Katherine O’Grady’s photographer.

(Any age)

crowds members at fake competition 

Gabby is going to pull up her soap box again for a second to say that many, many years ago, I was taught by a brilliant teacher that an improvisor (or any actor, really) must play to the top of their intelligence, in order to be believable so the audience can care and be invested in their story. When a bunch of grown adult characters call their company 'POOP,' I immediately feel they are idiots and don't give a sh*t what happens to them.

Good luck.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I Can't Out-Do This Title

PA, 'Leaving Virginville'

White Lyte Productions is casting "Leaving Virginville," a coming-of-age independent feature film. Melissa XXXXX, writer-dir.

Shooting July-November 2013, mostly Fridays and Saturdays in Lehigh Valley & Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas.

Project description: "The story of Faith, a girl who loses her father when she is eleven years old. When a suicide attempt after his funeral fails Faith is convinced that she has proved there is no God. The film picks up with Faith at eighteen and rebelling against her mother and Catholic school society. When Faith gets expelled from school her mother Christina suggests she go live with her cousin Phoebe in Philadelphia and try to find something in this life that will make her happy. When Faith gets to Philadelphia she discovers that the life she thought she wanted does not make her happy either. So she is left questioning who she truly is and what she believes."

Seeking—Faith: 18-20, a High school senior, tall, slender, black hair, dark eyes, rebellious, intelligent, jaded, topless nudity required for s strip club scene, and a scene where she is photographed after passing out. Phoebe: 21-25, Faith's older cousin, a cross between Edie Sedgwick, Zelda Fitzgerald and a suicide girl, a stripper and Bohemian princess, must have tattoos, piercings preferred, roll requires some topless nudity for strip club scenes, and simulated sex scene. Byron: 25-30, a Henry Rollins type, lead singer of the rock band "Rude Mechanicals", intelligent, artistic and manipulative, lives off his girlfriend Phoebe's income. Rich: 29-34, a talented photographer who's managed to find a balance between pursuing his art with the Bohemian types and making a living shooting family portraits. Christina: 35-40, Faith's mother, at the end of her rope with her rebellious daughter, loving, kind, patient (except for now - when she's at the end of her rope. Then she is short-tempered and ready to ship her kid off the Whoretown). Father Bezanson: 24-27, a young priest who connects with Faith, a forward thinker and attractive priest (ummm, what?). He understands that Faith is the only one who can make her life peaceful.

To apply, submit pix & resumes XXXXX.

No pay, but copy, credit & meals provided.

The town's name is Virginville? No towns are named Virginville. It would only attract two types of people: overprotective dads and creepy men.

And the girl's name is Faith? And her mother - who sends her to Catholic school - her name is Christina? This is all a little heavy-handed, dontcha think?

Or... perhaps Virginville does exist... somewhere near Pussy Valley, or... Beyond the Palisades??? (These two projects should get married.)

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Law & Order: FU

Dearest Readers,

Something terrible happened the other day, and I was so in shock that I think I blocked the memory until now. This is what I saw:
And this is what I thought: "Wasn't he convicted of Felony Rape?"

And then: "Isn't this show about sex crimes?"


Look, ok, fine. I get that he did his time. And I get that people deserve second chances. But generally they should really only get a second chance if they acknowledge they need a second chance (i.e.: that they actually did something wrong). But he never has.

And, OK OK OK, FINE. Maybe he didn't do it. But still - he was convicted. Of rape. And this is a show about sex crimes. Somewhere along the line, someone, anyone - male or female - should have said, "You know, maybe we shouldn't...???" Especially Mike Tyson and his manager(s). I get that you need to be able to make money, but this is a terrible, terrible choice.

What's next - Michael Vick hosting the Puppy Bowl?

So, now I see that Dick Wolf is defending the decision (which... I dunno. Read the quote yourself and decide. I realize it's probably out of full context but to me it sounds a teensy bit too much like "Tyson was railroaded") and the ad itself says you 'must see' this 'controversial' episode. No thanks. And please do not tell me that you purposefully invented this offensive controversy for ratings. It's like walking up to every woman everywhere and saying "Fuck you. Now go watch my show."

Or better yet, in the words of Mr. Tyson

"Thank you very much. I would still love for you to give me a (EXPLETIVE DELETED)."

At least NBC has the good grace to move the airing up so it won't conflict with One Billion Rising - an event dedicated to raising awareness of and ending violence against women. (Thanks. Dicks.)

Well, my friends, it's time to step away from the soap box. For now. On February 6th I invite you to not watch NBC. Looks like there will be a cool episode of Nova on PBS! Who doesn't love supporting educational television?


PS - Check these out for more information on ways to help contribute to the dialog or just to learn more about violence against women:  V-Day,, &

PPS - Good reads: Current Conscience, Feminist Frequency, The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, Feminist Law Professors, and

"Women are the only oppressed group in our society that lives in intimate association with their oppressors." -Evelyn Cunningham