Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Knowledge Is Power

Here at Nudity Required, No Pay, we have seen a lot of casting calls that just don't pass the smell test. But a reader of the column, Savage Love, by Dan Savage, wrote in with his own experience in a little fetish film casting bait-and-switch.  

His situation (which you can read here), was basically this: he arrived for an audition for a low-paying film project that turned out to be a homosexual foot fetish film. Now, while there was no actual or implied sex or nudity involved, there was some physical contact - including foot licking.

So... what to do? What to do? How do you protect yourself, as an actor, from wasting your time with submitting and preparing for an audition for something that, had you known, you never would considered to begin with? 

Well, I think you need to listen to your gut, first and foremost. There are hundreds of sketchy things on this site that serve as a good example. And if something only seems faintly shady - ask questions.

But mostly, I think a lot of this responsibility rests on the shoulders of the casting director/writer/producers. Are you listening, director/writer/producers??? If you have ever wondered how much should you tell an actor about your piece, allow me to help.

I think we can all agree the medium is good to know: is this a feature-length or short film, or a play?
And so is the genre: Is this a comedy or a drama?
The when and the where's are good, too.
So are the character descriptions (within reason).
And, of course, pay rate.

Beyond that... use your discretion. Do we care if the the lead character's inner monologue is "It's the touch of my hands that sooth him. It's the taste of my lips that quench him. It's breathing my essence that thaws his heart"? No. No we do not. We find that crap hilarious, but no, not helpful.

But we do care if there are sexual relations with animals (real or stuffed), and we do care if we have to do our own stunts (especially if we have to do them naked), and we definitely DEFINITELY care if what you are making is, actually, for sexual purposes instead of artistic purposes. 

So, do us a favor: don't waste our time, and we won't be wasting yours. Because remember:


Monday, March 18, 2013

Put 'Saved' Under Your 'Special Skills'

Casting Call

Calling ALL actors and actresses!!
Only requirement: must must must be saved!!! (Then that is not "all" actors. See definition of "all.")

If you do it for God and not for fame I'm looking for you! (Ok, now please define "it"?)
Auditions will be held soon for a play premiering in the summer!

Email me if you are interested!

**Please include your name, age and a head shot photo**

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: no pay
Gabby will admit that, back in the day, she enjoyed a good musical for Jesus (and could sing you this song by heart):

But it's hard to keep that up as a thespian after years of cast parties, post rehearsal/performance pub visits, co-ed dressing rooms, and group massages.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting Your Foot Through The Door

Amateur Actress Wanted

Doing an amateur/independent project and need a girl (Over 21!) (So, that would be an adult female, also known as a "woman") that can kick in a few locked bedroom doors. The backdrop for this part of the shoot is that you are searching your boyfriend at his ex girlfriend's apartment. You will encounter 4 locked bedroom doors--the locks are standard locks you'd find on any basic bedroom/bathroom door--very basic (cheap) locks on a hollow door like you'd find in any apartment. It will be easier than you think to kick them in.

Will likely need an hour or so of your time.

No acting experience necessary (but if you have kicked in a locked door before, give details), just good looks and strong legs that can kick in a locked door. If interested, please reply with any questions AND a full length candid photo--fully/casually dressed--but with your shoes off--standing by a doorway to get an idea of your height/size relative to a door. You can also take a still photo of you pretending to kick in a door (again with your shoes off )--again, this is to gauge your height relative to the door. There is a certain "look" that we want to have for whoever we cast.

DO NOT SEND EXPLICIT PHOTOS. Any inappropriate responses or responses without photo will be deleted.

Thanks for looking!

* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: TBD 

I wonder if they've given any thought to what happens if they need a re-shoot? How long it will take to fix a door jamb and a lock? Or injuries? Any thought given to what happens if she hurts herself?

My money is on that they didn't.

Monday, March 04, 2013

No Pay Still Goes A Long Way


Web Series
SAG-AFTRA New Media Contract
Producers: Ben XXXXX, Rick XXXXX and Joe XXXXX
Director: Joe Dietl XXXXX
Casting Director: Craig XXXXX

Interview Dates: Thurs. 1/24 or Fri. 1/25
Callback Dates: TBD
Shoot/Start Date: Sat. 2/2
Pay Rate: Copy and meals provided
Location: Los Angeles



There is nudity in this project.


30’s to 40’s, African American Bear, Hot, Muscles. A beer belly would be great, but not mandatory. Body and facial hair are a plus. He is a Detective. Confident and authoritative. Must be comfortable with performing gay sex scenes (simulated) gay romance scenes, rear nudity, and acting in underwear. [LEAD]

[ IVAN ]

40’s, Big Muscle Bear. Any ethnicity. He’s a Hollywood casting director. Intelligent, sarcastic, and kind of a jerk. He’s also a bit unhinged. Must be comfortable with performing gay sex scenes (simulated) gay romance scenes, rear nudity, and acting in underwear. [LEAD]


30’s to 40’s, Middle Eastern, Smarmy, Wry, Bitchy and Cold. He is a ruthless campaign manager for a political candidate. [LEAD]


40’s, Any ethnicity. EXTREMELY handsome, sweet, loveable and sexy bear. Beautiful smile and eyes. A beer belly would be great, but not mandatory. Facial and body hair are a plus. He is an honorable guy…kind, calm, stable and confident. [LEAD]


30’s to 40’s, Hot Asian bear, running for City Council. A typical politician, ambitious, authoritative and conniving. Facial hair a plus. [LEAD]


20’s to 30’s, Muscle trainer at the gym. All ethnicities. [SUPPORTING]


20’s to 30’s, Hot Muscled Rugby Player. All ethnicities. [SUPPORTING]

WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a comedy mystery web series that follows three gay, bear roommates sharing a house in Silverlake, who stumble on to a murder mystery. It’s the “Golden Girls” meets “Murder She Wrote” with big gay hairy men.

Season 1 of the web series has had over 3 Million views and has won several awards for best web series. The show has also garnered a great deal of press, including Huffington Post, Out Magazine, and The Advocate.

You can view the series at XXXXX.

Season 2 will be filmed mainly over weekends in February and March. All actors should have facial hair or be willing to grow facial hair. Actors should be comfortable playing gay characters, showing affection with men and be comfortable shirtless.

Sounds like the series is going well. I just hope it goes well enough so they can pay their bears, and not just feed them.

You Got It.

What's a girl to do when a cute, kind, talented man asks for her help?

She helps.

If you haven't heard by now, Humans of New York (HONY) photographer Brandon Stanton, was essentially ripped off by the fashion label DKNY. They asked to use his photos in a worldwide campaign for a small allowance (by industry standards)... he asked for more... they declined... so did he.

Time passes and then a fan sees his work is being used by DKNY is Asia. But instead of getting mad, Stanton gets... nice. He asks DKNY to make a donation of $100,000 to a YMCA in Brooklyn (holla!). They obliged with a small fraction of what he asked.

Anyway, Stanton turned to Tumblr and his audience to raise the difference. And they did!

So here's the story as per the man himself. He asked us bloggers to reblog it all, so I am.

And I'm sharing this not just because it's an inspiring story, but because we, as artists, shouldn't be afraid to know what we are worth and to ask for it. Negotiation may be involved but, ultimately, we can't low-ball our selves and our work. 

Thank YOU, Brandon. And thanks to everyone who helped send 300 kids to summer camp!


PS - Here's the story from the daily paper, Metro: