Friday, September 08, 2006

"I Say, Gov'nah, What's That Shiny Horseless Carriage Behind You?"

Glass Eye Pix is casting the 16mm and HDDV feature film I Sell the Dead, a period horror film set in the 1700s. Glenn XXXXX, writer-dir. Shooting mid-October to November in and around NYC. SeekingRonnie Burke: 40-45, male, burly affable bartender, brutish but charming, comic sensibility, British accent; Dr. Vernon Quint: 50-60, male, thin and tall, angular features, demanding presence, Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee Type British accent; Cornelius Murphy: 40s, male, Black Irish, piercing eyes, handsome and intense, British accent; Valentine Kelly: female, tall, pale-skinned, haunting and graceful presence, must have ballet or dance experience. Send pix & rsums to Glass Eye Pix, 296 XXXXX St., NYC 10012. Some pay, plus meals and travel provided. Producer plans to apply for a SAG Low Budget Agreement.

A low-budget period piece taking place in the 18th Century and being shot in and around modern day Manhattan? They must have a way with a glue-gun and tinfoil that is just miraculous!