Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vintage AND Post-Apocalyptic? No Problem.

Casting new Feature film called Zenith

looking for featured Extras NON Union for SAT 8AM

JT Talent and Casting along with Frank XXXXX will be casting actors all week for a new Feature film

We are looking for Actors male and female 21 and over NON Union to play in Vip scene sat DEC 20TH

Actors will all be featured and will have a chance to get on IMDB (Is it just me or are these "offerings" in place of real compensation getting lamer and lamer?)
You will have to DRESS Vintage and post apocalyptic like back to the future

A costume designer will be contacting you and if you comit
pleasee show up ill send samples how to dress

This will be a great time and there will be some celebrities and special guests

If you are interested please email your pic name And number and the casting Director or wardrobe person will get back to you

You must be ok to Shoot sat Dec 20TH from 8AM to 6PM there is no pay But Exposure and so much more (liiiike...???)

Call JT for Info we only Need 30 people

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When A Thesaurus Can Help You Seem More Sensitive

Casting new TV Show staring willie demeo Vinny Pastore (sopranos) needs Soccer Mom Type

Tuesday Dec 2nd at country club casting females 30 to 50 non union to play jap Jewish long island mom to settle dispute between mobsters.

Auditions will be from 8am to 10am if you get picked will shoot same day (Wow, that's... weird. So in order to simply audition I will have needed to clear my whole day?)

Country club 14TH st and 8TH ave across from supermarket

No pay but great Exposure and chance to meet amazing Director and big Actors (There's no such thing as big roles, only... wait...)

Please email pictures tonight with number


You Could Have Just Said He's Latino

Casting Maury show

talent that Looks like the women and kid (his latino not asian)in the picture attached and is available to work tomorrow for a reeenactment for the maury show.
[picture of woman was inserted here]

Please have the young Hispanic male look as young as possible. He cannot be under the age of 18 because there will be sexual scenes, but please keep in mind that The Maury Show is daytime television, so it will not be vulgar like Springer.
[picture of young man was inserted here]

The woman will have to be conformable in a bra and underwear (Um, she probably is since she probably wears them each day - unless you mean ONLY a bra and underwear... that's different) and both available for tomorrow Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

Thank you!

No. No, thank YOU.