Thursday, February 17, 2005

Can You Call It An Interview?

must have pictures by email before friday feb 18th
THE HUSTLER CLUB - NY Interviews: Wednesday February 23, 2005 NON-UNION COMMERCIAL RATE: $400 SEEKING: [ SEXY EXOTIC DANCERS } Females, Caucasian Blondes, Asians, Latinos. Must be attractive, incredibly sexy, have a beautiful body, and be able to dance. No nudity involved. Wear sexy clothing for audition. Bring several headshots and photos to leave. Breast augmentation a plus.

"Yeah mom, I'm really excited. It's at The Hustler Club... No, mom, geez! I'm not gonn abe a stripper! I just have to get a boob job and wear a thong bikini in the middle of winter - that's ALL! Sheesh. And leave about a dozen photos behind for the guys, you know, so they can remember my face. And my phone number. It's just an 'interview'! God. I don't understand why you're always so overprotective. I know - why don't you put dad on the phone..."