Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nudity Required; No pay: Trawl V. Troll

Seeking cast for feature ASAP (Andersonville)
Date: 2011-02-08, 4:59PM CST
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I’m a filmmaker currently casting for a feature film that will hopefully begin shooting in March. This film is ultra low budget but solid. The film is a Horror/Thriller with a dark comedic edge. It also has a gay theme. This should definitely be a fun and successful project with the RIGHT cast.

Plot: The film is about wicked attraction. Two young men, through a set of bizarre circumstances, become serial killers.

Lead roles sought:

The original idea for this character was that of a good looking, dark haired, Italian, 25-35yo, who’s in the United States under shady circumstances and is pretty desperate to get back to Europe before he ends up in jail. This character is in very good physical shape (some nudity involved- nothing pornographic). A European from another country (or possibly a South American), other than Italy, may work as well. This character must have a foreign accent but speak good English. This character is a somewhat smooth hustler type who is naturally criminally minded. He has no strong morals to hold him back.

This character is very attractive but very overbearing (think younger Karen Walker or such) 25-35yo. She attracts a lot of men with her beauty, but just as quickly repels them with her over-the-top personality (she’s basically a fag-hag who doesn’t know that she’s one).This character is secretly (or not so secretly) in love with the lead male character who continuously repels her advances to no avail. There is also some nudity for this role- nothing pornographic.

Supporting roles sought:

Mr. Hitch:
Annoying, somewhat creepy, middle aged landlord (think Buck Henry) who regularly harasses about late rent payments etc.

Detective Eniss:
Poker faced police detective, around 40, investigating a string of burglaries in the area.

This character is the main character’s grouchy, greedy boss. 30-40 yo. He works in debt collections and his bottom line is making money.

The Massage Clients:
I need 5 middle aged men to play massage clients who are murdered. These clients are essentially married men secretly cheating on their wives and trolling (It's "trawling," people. Trolls live under bridges. Just a pet peeve of mine... [Though I see from Wikipedia that "trolling" is also a style of fishing. Hm. But "trawling" connotes casting a wide net to scrape the bottom of the water - which is just altogether seedier than "trolling." I guess both could work, but I think the former is more accurate and what most people mean when using the phrase. And thus concludes our English and fishing lesson for the day.]) for sex. Some of the clients have dialog, others not. You will have to have a great sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself to play one of these roles. Some nudity involved- nothing pornographic.

***There is no pay for these roles but all actors will be fed. This should be a fun project to work on. I am only looking to work with actors who can COMMIT to the project. Also, you must be available for any scheduled shoot that you are in. So, leads must have flexibility of schedule. The shoot will likely be 8 days; a Thurs-Sun shoot week 1 and a Thurs-Sun shoot the following week. I am hoping for film festivals and distribution on this film. Hoping to start shooting in March, so need committed cast ASAP****


* Location: Andersonville
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: no pay

Gabby learned something today (but she still thinks she's right - go figure).