Friday, October 09, 2009

Oh... Canada... *sigh*

"Mindeaters" CASTING AUDITIONS (richmond) (You're just casting the auditions? Let me know when you're casting the actual film...)
Date: 2009-10-08, 2:04PM PDT
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NON-UNION and UNPAID CAST. Craft services provided on set. For an Independent 90 min Feature Horror Film. ‘MINDEATERS’, Unearthed and hungry (these people seem to be obsessed with food - keep reading:)...

Plot: Grandparents vocational home (a vocational home? are you sure?) seems like the right place to have a killer house party.
Full Synopsis (which totally different from a "plot", you guys, which is why they need both): Four college friends decide to have the party of the century, little did they know the horror living underneath the garden. One by one they all get infected. Horror and gore ensue.

Saturday 17th Casting Auditions 8pm-11pm (3hrs)
Sunday 18th Casting Auditions 10am-4pm (6hrs)

#XXXXX Rd. RICHMOND. It is a STUDIO, just down by the Aberdeen Skytrain Station.

Leads: [CYNDI] Cheerleader**, [STEPHANIE] Hot Girl, [TINA] Weird Girl
Supporting: [QUINN] Shower Couple**, [KELSEY] Shower Couple**, [IVY] Pansexual-twin**
Featured: [ANDY] strips down to boxers**, [BRAD] Freshmen**, [DAN] Sex Couple**, [FELIX] Stoner Kid, [NATE] Fighting Couple, [VINCE] Injured Jock**, [XAVIER] Nerd**, [ERICA] Sex Couple**, [GINGER] Drug Dealer, [HAILEY] Twin, [OLIVIA] Fighting Couple, [PHOEBE] Gardener, [WILLOW] Cocaine Gal, [YASMINE] Vegan Girl**, [ZOE] Breakfast Special (WTF??? Even the Urban Dictionary couldn't help me with this one... though I have a gross feeling some of the similarly-titled entries weren't far off from what they're looking for)
Extras (4): [MALE #1] [MALE #2] [FEMALE #1] [FEMALE #2]

*Entire movie is a house party filmed in one location in COQUITLAM (that's in British Columbia, FYI, where they seem to like YELLING THE NAMES OF THEIR TOWNS!).
** Some NUDITY and PARTIAL NUDITY required for certain Characters, from being in underwear to topless. 2 male Stunt actors needed.

If you are interested please email:
Please mark email Subject: CAST and (Your Name)
Example; Email Subject line: CAST, Dave L’Heureux
Please include your full name, resume and headshot.
Thank you for your interest.

About: CANAWOOD PRODUCTIONS INC. registered with the government as of June 12, 2007 is a newer film production company, creating independent creative projects. Where the name comes from; Canada + Hollywood = Canawood.

Canawood Productions Inc.’s aim is to continue working and trying to build awareness of itself, of its cast and crew, members and associates it works with. Through this proliferation of boobs on film, er - dedication and hard work, the goal is to raise funds from interested investors. Canawood plans on pursuing larger projects that would be distributed, achieving renowned, respect and recognition.

A passionate and aggressive goal for success and achievement Canawood Productions is happy to bring entertainment to the film industry and for all to view. Enjoy and don’t eat too much popcorn. (Ok, mom! You guys... so fun & kind-hearted... exploiting young aspiring actors by getting them to go nude for you for free... now that's the Canawood way!)

Please do not copy, distribute. Material is confidential. It will be provided in confidence. Do not disclose this information to any third parties. (Shhhh!) Copyright ©2007 - 2009 CANAWOOD PRODUCTIONS INC. All Rights Reserved. (You can have them.)

Good thing this takes place in a vocational home - because "Cocaine Gal", "Sex Couple", "Pansexual Twin", "Hot Girl" and the rest, don't seem like quality lines of work. Nor does being a naked idiot on film for free. Better luck in Wood Shop, kids - and don't eat too much popcorn...