Thursday, July 09, 2015

On the Subject of Lady Parts...

Dear Mr. Feig,

I’m know you’ve had more than your share of supporters and critics online regarding “Ghostbusters,” and yesterday I added my $0.02 on Twitter – saying (or trying to) that while I’m a bit tired of re-boots myself, I have also noticed how no one else really seemed to care until you changed a male cast to a female cast. Which we both know is total crap. Because if you’re willing to go see every “Batman” that gets made (as I’m sure all your trolls have and will), then why not try one new take on “Ghostbusters”?

(I mean, we both know why they won't, and it has nothing to do with integrity - artistic or otherwise.)

I do agree we need more new ideas (though actually what we need is more financial support for new ideas – both in Hollywood and Broadway – because the stories are out there, it's just hard to get backers who want to take risks). But I also know that art has long been derivative. People don’t look at Broadway marquees and moan, “’Hamlet’? AGAIN?!” It can be fun and meaningful to re-imagine art that inspires us. One of my favorite paintings by Manet is a total reboot of a painting by Titian. And yet it is still, on it’s own, an important piece of work.

Anyway, I’m not saying “Ghostbusters” with women will change the world or be 'Important' – I just hope it’s fun and represents women well. And I thank you for having the courage and brilliant mind to say yes to a female cast. There is nothing wrong with the idea of making this film, and I plan to buy a ticket.

A supporter