Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sounds Slippery

Blood Bath Pictures is casting Bikini Blood Bath 2: Bikini Blood Bath Car Wash, an indie HD DV feature horror film starring Debbie XXXXX & Rachel XXXXX. Jon XXXXX & Thomas XXXXX, dir.-prods.; Bruce XXXXX, prod. Shooting June 17-25 in central CT. Seeking—Actresses: attractive females, ages 18-35, lead and supporting roles, some nudity required (various stages of undress in locker room, shower, bedroom, carwash, grocery store, post office, PTA meeting, etc.). Send pix, résumés, and reels to Attn: Jon XXXXX, Blood Bath Pictures, XXXXX, CT 06489; email; or call Jon at XXXXX. For more info, visit Pay, plus videocopy, credit, meals, and lodging provided.

Empty your mind and ask yourself: If a bloodbath occurs at a carwash - does it still make a mess?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nudity Required... For The VIEWER!

Fuse is looking to cast four possible hosts for its hit new show "Pants Off-Dance Off". On the show, real people strip all their clothes (to their underwear for TV, and to the full monty--but blurred for the internet) to their favorite music videos. Viewers vote for their favorites online, and the winner gets a cool prize (Oh, snap! - I hope it's not a gym membership!). We are looking for young sexy females to be HOSTS of the show (each host will work separately, emceeing a week's worth of shows- -the shoot lasts ONE DAY). No nudity is required to be a host. Hosts do need to be sexy and fun and have a good sense of humor. The host of PODO will be explaining how the show works, and will be making cute, funny and sexy comments that we can intercut with the dancing segments. Please tune into Fuse (Channel 132 on Time Warner Digital) to see the show and get a better idea. Scripts will be provided in advance of the audition, and cue cards will be available during the actual audition. please email your fullbody pictures and name and number and if i have you on file even better. This is a paying gig. If you have any questions, please let me know. 212- XXX-XXXX Thanks, Sincerely, JT

Wiggle it. Just a little bit.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Do I Get A Cape And Everything?

LockSmith Monster Productions is casting a live action serial short entitled Oroboros, an action-drama about taking down terrorists and evil-doers in NYC. Adam XXXXX, prod.-dir.; Steven XXXXX, casting dir. Rehearsals and shooting begin in May (mostly on weekends). Seeking—Live Action Comic Book Heroes: will train (Seriously?! You'll train me to be a super hero?! That ROCKS!!! Sign me up!), right now they need an Asian female, but anyone interested should respond including stunt people and people who just want to be extras. Note: New heroes, villains and hostages will be needed with each new episode. Email pix & résumés to Possible pay if the show goes national.