Thursday, August 04, 2005

Important Words (Too Bad So Few Are Spelled Correctly)

Hello everyone

This is a letter to explain a few things please read carefully.

My company JT TALENT AND CASING is 41/2 years old we do casting and managing of all types of talent .there are a few things I want to clear up that I feel is important. Fist off a lot of you submit for a lot of jobs you see me send out if you do not have headshots or comp cards on file you most likely will not be submitted. My company works with a variety of agents casting directors producers and much more . my company also cast over 30 films 10 music video lots of commercials and print jobs and we have 6 films in production right now 4 of them sag.

What a lot of you don’t understand is how important headshots and comp cards are well I cannot submit anything unprofessional and I won’t sorry but this is the way the business is. I totally agree. Obviously this man runs a completely high-class, professional company and he will not stand for anything that may make him look like AN ILLITERATE MORON! if you don’t have headshots or comp cards we can help you get them call JT 212- XXX-XXXX btw 9am and 6pm for info .by not having the right stuff you are missing a lot of jobs and submissions and its holing you back so don’t let it, now about the networking events I do these events to help the industry so you wont have to pay the $20 dollar cover charge .you can meet directors producers and so much more get treated vip and have fun. I have got so many letters from clients thanking me for the opportunity to work .heres the line up I do.

Tuesday –soprano party with XXXXX
Sunday I rest

The more clients that come out the better it is for my company to keep doing this.And please rsvp for all the events and follow the instructions for all the castings.And if your saw the TV appearance this Tuesday it should cover a lot. So now on the bottom of the email this is the address of my company if you have professional headshots and comp cards send me 10 of each immediately this goes for everyone I am sending out stuff every day so don’t miss out.For those of you who don’t I suggest you call and get your stuff done we can your stuff cheaper then anyone.if you are waiting for commissions or your headshots and comp cards make sure you either emailed me the correct info or you submitted the right pictures to be done.Things are picking up in the company we will be casting 3 films in 1 month so get ready


I'm sure he's very sweet and a very hard worker... but surely his email has spell check...