Friday, October 05, 2007

It's Cute How They're So Honest And Excited

Casting Lead Female for Indie Thriller
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Date: 2007-10-05, 10:19AM EDT

If being chained up, stripped half naked, and terrorized sounds like fun (OMG! You read my mind!), this is the part for you. But it also requires some acting chops because you're not simply the victim. We are seeking females in the range of 25-35. If you haven't guessed from the first sentence, nudity is required (Naturally!) as is travel (I was supposed to guess travel was involved based on the first sentence?). We will be working under the SAG Ultra-Low-Budget Agreement, so travel will be paid and the day-rate is $100 plus meals and lodging. For consideration, please, forward headshots and resumes via Craigslist. Links to online reels are especially appreciated.

· Location: Outside NYC
· it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
· Compensation: no pay

They do pay, they don't pay... I'm not sure. I'm willing to bet they're good for a few bucks. But to be bound, stripped and terrorized, I'd be happy to pay you, my friend!


Tatiana Suarez Pico said...

This is funny, in that "it's really not" way. A while back I had posted something similar to this on my Myspace blog...see below. It's good to know I am NOT alone.

July 2, 2007 - Monday

Nudity required

I guess, I better start dropping trout as we speak.


VAGO Productions is casting Kalimera, an HD feature-length drama about a man who must choose to save either his relatives, himself or a young student fighting to save his own dysfunctional family. Evangelos Giovanis, dir., winner of the Digital Alexander Award, 47th Annual Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Shooting late July-Aug. in RI.

Seeking—Mother: 28-38, African-American or Latin-American, divorced, poor mother trying to raise three children , involved with the wrong man, supporting; Erin: 20-28, Caucasian, good-looking, gets startled and hysterical, non-sexual nudity required, supporting; Nude Woman: 20-25, Caucasian, must be good-looking, is a beguiling dream that a man has, nudity required , supporting; Reggie's Girlfriend: 20-26, Caucasian, too hot for Reggie, sexy, gets sexually harassed, must be comfortable being really felt up, supporting;

Way of the Tree Films is casting Chrysanthemum (1 hr., 30 min.), a romantic tale of love with a strong environmental message. Mario De Grossi, writer-dir. Note: Film is intended for submission to major festivals world-wide.

Seeking—Female Actor: 18-29, Caucasian, Latin, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian/South Asian, slender, beautiful, frail/sensitive look. Italian as a first language a plus. Must speak English well, accent okay. Note: Brief discrete back topless scene during simulated sex. No pay.

Stock's Eye is casting Angel's Blade: The Ascension, an indie horror feature shooting Aug./Sept. Robert Stock, dir.; Antonio Saillant, exec prod.; Christie Kapusta, prod.

Seeking—Gina: 18-35, female; Shannon: 18-35, female. Note: Both roles require nudity for simulated sex scenes.

Roc Wes Production is casting an independent film titled Roc Wes Full Circle, an urban drama featuring The Persuaders, Lenny Green, hip-hop artist Juelz Santana's mom "Miss Debbie," hip-hop artist Rilla, and a host of others. Roc Wes, casting. Shooting in June and July in Bronx, NY.

Seeking—Gigi: mid-20s, beautiful face and body, large bottom, brief nudity; Mike: 21-30, 4'11" or shorter.

Warm Milk Productions is casting Bagged and Boarded, a Long Island, hi- def comedic feature about a girl who hides in a comic book store to escape responsibilities. Ralph Suarez, dir. Shooting Sept. 9-24, various Long Island locations.
Seeking—Nicola: 20s, cute, has her own unique style, LEAD; Berner: early 20s, simple-minded, goofy; Evan: early 30s; Peter Whales: old, energetic man; Mia: early 20s; Ray: mid-30s, heavyset; Zomby Gal: fit and endowed costumed hero, topless nudity required; Andrew: early 20s. Note: No roles are ethnically specific. Some pay for Zomby Gal role.

Role of Sally (Caucasian, attractive 35-45). Sally is an attractive newlywed that finds herself the object of attraction from her new neighbors High School son. There is a scene where she is watched through binoculars changing, so brief non-gratuitous topless nudity is included. There is pay, travel compensation and of course footage for your real included

Goodbye Love Productions is casting Between Love & Goodbye, an HD gay drama feature about falling in and out of love, and the rocky ride in between. Casper Andreas, dir.; Markus Goetze, prod. Shooting Sept. 6-25 in NYC.

Seeking—Kyle Thomas: early 20s, American, attractive, edgy, gay, singer in a band, singing ability and ability to play an instrument a plus, East Village or Goth/glamour type, role requires some nudity and sexual situations, LEAD; Felix Lundgren: early 20s, any nationality except American, preferably European, attractive, gay, role requires some nudity and sexual situations, big emotional range, LEAD; Sarah: early to mid-20s, American, cute tomboyish lesbian, ability to sing and play the guitar is a plus but not necessary, LEAD; Gina: mid-20s, could be Puerto Rican, but any ethnic background welcome, transsexual, more trashy than classy, plays in a band, singing and/or ability to play an instrument is a plus, preferably a real transsexual, 3-4 scenes; Darren: early to mid-20s, black or Latin preferred, very sexy gay man, role requires sexual situation and full frontal nudity, 2 scenes.

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Gabby said...

A lady after my own heart! You are never alone.