Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Classic NR/NP


SoJe Productions is casting "Choices," a show is about people whose lives are tested by their choices. There will also be a reality "behind the scenes" project about the filming of "Choices." Producers state: The show will "showcase the urban (African-American, Cubans, etc.) community. We want to deliver steamy, real, exciting, and intriguing episodes. Think of a gritty drama series that focus on the DC surrounding areas." Jose XXXXX, creator; Alex XXXXX, dir.; Shareeda XXXXX, creative dir.

Seeking—Erika: mid 20s, African-American or mixed, a fun-loving person, Dominic's girlfriend, can get very annoying, will be required to appear partially clothed (bra and panties or bathing suit) for an implied sex scene; Terrance: early 30s, African-American, Maurice's best friend and is in love with his wife, has a drinking problem, cool and blunt, rear nudity may be required for an implied sex scene; Extras: males and females.

To apply, submit pix & résumés XXXXX. No pay.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

On The List Of Things I Will NOT Do For My Brother:

HEALING THE STUPID (If only...) (Additional Roles)
Feature Film
SAG ULB Feature

Producer: Amy XXXXX, Ben XXXXX
Director: Adam XXXXX
Casting Director: Amy XXXXX
Shoot/Start Date: May 30
Pay Rate: Min. $50/day
Location: Lexington, KY




There is nudity in this project.

Accepting local non-union talent only.

Late 20s to Early 30s, Gorgeous and sexy. No accents, please. Caucasian, Eurasian, Latina or Ethnically ambiguous. Mia's charismatic roommate and childhood best friend. Cathy is a devout Catholic who practices what she preaches. She is also completely repressed and in the closet. She can be a bit quirky and loves to arm wrestle. She's the perfect complement to Mia.

[ BILL ]
40s, George Clooney type. Caucasian. Carla's boss and owns Life Bio Tech. His vice is cigarettes and his overly active sex life—with his wife. When he has a cancer scare, his wife insists he quit smoking.

[ ASHA ]
Mid-late 20s, Classic beauty, partial nudity. Open ethnicity. Bill's beautiful trophy wife and co-worker at Life Bio Tech. She is totally devoted to Bill. She is straight-laced and proper, except for her outrageous sex life.

Early 30s, Lab technician, Nerdy hot. Open ethnicity. She's a hot lab geek who works for Life Bio Tech. Sweet with a great sense of humor.

Late 20s, Cheerleader hot. Caucasian. She's every man's fantasy woman. (two scenes)

[ BEN ]
Late 20s to 30s. Open ethnicity. Scott's friend and beer drinking buddy. (one scene)

STORY LINE: When lazy and gluttonous Scott loses his job, he spirals into despair, finding consolation in pizza, beer and the killer donuts from the bakery next door. When his home becomes a temple of apathy and dirty dishes, his beautiful and successful sister Mia hires a sex goddess and life coach from hell to turn his pathetic life around. But is the allure of everything he could ever want in a woman enough to get him off the couch?

Ok, this might be a cute premise... except I can't think about it too clearly without trying to imagine my brother... and now my brain has melted and I just died of extreme grossness overload.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

You Had Me At Lesbian Fetish Porn Stars.


Mood Tie Productions is casting "The Fetish Set," a provocative, feature-length film about four fetish/porn stars who are stalked by a serial killer. As the women gather at a yearly fetish convention in Vegas, and one bad decision leads to another, the girls find themselves drawn deeper into a darkness well beyond their rational limits. Producers state: "The film is racy and pushes the limits of a Rated-R film." Shane XXXXX, dir. Shooting early November in Las Vegas, Nevada and possibly South Texas.

Seeking—Reyna: female, 25-35, a strong, butch, Latina who still has feelings for Jo, her former lover, more the porn opportunist than porn star, the bull in the china shop, the bad influence, must be extremely secure in doing scenes with nudity (topless & implied full nudity), will be seen nude as she washes off the blood of a rapist she has just killed with her ex bisexual lover Jo, will also be seen partially nude for one scene tied up in the backseat of a car, and will be seen in underwear for a scene where a friend draws on her body; Angel: female, 20-25, the adorable blonde and Reyna's new found love, her innocent full eyes and pursed lips are reminiscent of a Disney sketch, awkward yet irresistible, a fresh new face to the industry, implied topless scenes but no nudity; Jo: female, 25-30, an adrenaline junkie who finds that elusive fix as a porn star, she's fit, smart, the alpha female, but underneath that armor of confidence dwells a vulnerability to the demons of her past, must be comfortable with nudity, for one topless nude scene as she bathes with her ex bisexual lover, and for simulated and implied sex scenes with her clients (topless only and in silhouette); Jack: male, 40-60, a serial rapist-murderer, trailer trash with delusions of grandeur, add a little 'bling', a love for opera, and the Marquis De Sade and in his mind he becomes simply irresistible, implied nudity, and possible brief rear nudity when he drops his pants and changes into a bathrobe in the desert, there is also a scene where he is dancing in the nude, which will be filmed in silhouette with special underwear.

Note: This film contains strong sexual and violent themes.

To apply, submit pix & resumes via XXXXX. For more info, visit Some pay, plus credit & meals provided.

The rest is just icing on the super sexy/psychotic cake. Yummers.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Art! Coming At You In 3 (Double?) D!

Non-Union Short Film
Editorial Short Film Project
Rate: $150 per day
Usage/Run: Web used and projected at live event in 3D to entertainment industry
Casting Director: XXXXX Casting
Shoot date: 2nd week June
Location: NYC


Sexy editorial style American Apparel vibe 3D Pillow fight.


Female / Principal / All Ethnicities / 18-32. This is a 3D fashion installation that we are producing for one event the end of June. Photo editors, art buyers etc will be there. Must be comfortable in undergarments having pillow fight. (And at audition) We may ask you to pillow fight with another model. You must be cool with either being in your underwear or some kind of under garment at casting. NOT Playboy Maxim or Stripper style. Think Terry Richardson or any American Apparel ad. No nudity is required. But sexy. The final shot will be a 3D pillow fight, girls will probably be in panties and a tee shirt. Or shorts and bras. Please, if you are not cool with this let us know. LIGHT MAKEUP hair not to styled look NATURAL Look real.

YES: Boys undies, Super short shorts, Fun stylish panties, Tiny Aime Tee shirts, Fun and sexy, loose tank tops. Rock and roll clothes.
NO: Stripper clothiers, Negligees, Garters, G stings etc.

We repeat: No stripper clothes - just your underwear. Just you, half-naked with your ladybits flouncing in 3D. We want this to be more subtle - like Dov Charney's reputation with American Apparel advertising - and not tacky like FHM or Maxim.