Saturday, August 24, 2002

Ninjas, Hitler, Demons And Mobsters... OH MY!

"NIKOS", Digital Film
Casting for "Nikos," a digital film. Christian XXXXX, prod'r; Joseph XXXXX, line prod'r; Andreas XXXXX, dir. (cult German horror director). Seeking all types, especially: goofy and serious teenagers (college age); older men and women, ages 40-70; Ninjas, with costumes; Adolph Hitler look-alike; beautiful female succubus/demon (no nudity); Mafiosa male, age 35; lesbians for bar scene. Also seeking extras: policemen; students; Romanian warriors. Most roles are low-paying. Some roles are non-paying. Specify if you are willing to work for no pay. Videocopy, meals, credit, and transportation provided. Send pix & resumes by Oct. 1 to PO Box XXXXX, Mineola, NY 11501; or email

I find it hard to believe that the succubus/demon won't be naked. Aren't beautiful female succubi/demons always naked? Maybe the lesbians in the bar scene will take it all off...

Is nothing sacred?!

Casting digital video "Girls Eating Popsicles." Seeking seven women, ages 21-50. Sexual undertones, but no nudity. Video credit and copy provided. Bring pix. No pay.

You're not going to get women to seductively eat popsicles for your creepy project for free. And if you do - I want to know their names so I call call their mothers, so they can explain to their daughters that
at worst this project is just plain gross, and at best it's a complete waste of time. You can't use it for your reel (can you?), and unless you think free popsicles is worth-while compensation, you're not going to get anything of value out of this except maybe a purple tongue and brain-freeze.

*Raises Hand In Air*

Subject: Female Comedy and Acts of StrengthHello All, The Shark Show, downtown's best variety show isseeking fabulous female comedic performers, and anyand all freaks. Any female comedians, sketch groups,solo performers, puppet performers, breast puppet performers, odd balls etc... please contact us...

Hey there... I have a question: What is a breast puppet??? Is this something new, or... what?

Breast puppets... Imagine that.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Is The Thumb A Finger?

Looking for woman with four fingers for SAG Experimental film 8/21 Looking for woman or man with four fingers on at least one hand for SAG Experimental film shot in NYC. Travel, Meals and Copy. No pay. Please contact us via email: Or mail headshots to:
Stephen XXXXX, 860 XXXXX Avenue, Suite 3RS New York, NY XXXXX

Union Status: Union/Non-UnionDo not submit after: 9/31/02

And this film is about...?