Thursday, December 14, 2006

Inspired By Real Events

Guinea Pig Pictures is casting Rock Fight, a DV feature film about an action-exploitation movie star, Nikki Stanton, who goes to Mexico to work undercover for the U.S. military (The US military simply loves working with movie stars. They're so tough, reliable and level-headed.) to help apprehend the famous lesbian terrorist, Lulu, who ruined Nikki’s career (Ruining action/exploitation film stars careers - that's how evil she is!). Toby XXXXX, dir.-prod. Shooting begins in late spring in Real de Catorce, Mexico. Seeking—Rosa: 20, very pretty, a young, wild hippie chick, partial nudity and lesbian sexual scenes required; Howard: 40s, U.S. military special forces; Females: 21+, to play Lulu’s lesbian militia (Is there a reverse 'Don't Ask-Don't Tell' policy in lesbian militias?). Auditions will be held by appt. only Dec. 16 at Center Stage NY in Chelsea, NYC. Send pix & résumés to Guinea Pig Pictures, XXXXX St., 5th fl., Brooklyn, NY 11211; or email to No drop-offs or phone calls. For more info, visit Stipend, plus videocopy, credit, meals, transportation, and housing provided.

Just FYI - I'd be leery of any production company called 'Guinea Pig' Productions. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence in a performer.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm Not Really A Waitress, I Just Play One At This Restaraunt Where They Pay Me To Wait Tables And I Get Tips.

dont mis this if you need money
new resturaunt very unique currently seeking nyc's most glamorous and sexy women for hostesses,...Seeking NYC'S Most Glamorous Women For Hostesses, Table Concierges, bartenders & Cocktail Waitresses W/ High- Volume, High-End Exp To earn big dollars plus the chance of a lifetime at HAWAIIAN TROPIC ZONE Restaurant-Bar-Lounge IN TIMES SQUARE interviews & Auditions will be held this week if you are interested please email your best pictures to JT or call 212- XXX-6495
if you are going to show up at the audition please call jt or email your info when you get there you must say JT TALENT AND CASTING SENT YOU
Sincerely, JT

Thursday, December 07, 2006

There's a 'New Jack City - Type'?


Vampire Empire Productions is casting its next HDDV feature, The Killing Machines. Z-Man, writer-prod.-dir.; R. Thornton, casting. Shooting begins in January in Orange County, NY and NJ.Seeking—Joey Meyers: 32-45, Caucasian, hitman for the mob by night, loving father by day; William “The Breadman“ Meyers: 45-55, Caucasian, retired assassin, now a baker; Zachary Jones: 22-35, black; Nino Brown: New Jack City type; Hailey Jenning: female, 21-29, white, love interest; Carlos Estrada: 21-35, Latino drug dealer type; Miguel Garcia: 21-35, Latino FBI agent, all ethnic types; Vinnie Leoni: 35-55, Italian gangster type; Actors With Their Own Police Uniforms: all ethnic types encouraged. Auditions will be held by appt. only. Send pix & résumés to Vampire Empire Productions, 84 XXXXX, Newburgh, NY 12550, Attn: Z-Man; or email to For more info, visit Deferred pay, plus videocopy, credit, meals, and transportation provided.

Poor Zachary Jones... his character description is so... brief.

Some Random Pay

Savage Roses Productions, an established production company, is casting Pink Eye, a feature-length horror film. James XXXXX, dir.; Joshua XXXXX, prod. Shooting in early March in NY and NJ.Seeking—Edgar: male, 25-35, tormented due to his disfigurement (Which is...?), drug testing brought him into a delusional and violent state, very well-read and well-spoken if creepy and very dark, all scenes will be in shadow or behind a mask (Think: "Darkman" meets "Man Without a Face" meets "Phatom of the Opera" meets your eighth grade English teacher...), LEAD; Sherri: female, 18-30, runaway suffering from drug withdrawal, brief, non-sexual topless nudity scene, actress must be completely comfortable topless, pays $200/day; Technician #1: male, 25-35, lab tech; Technician #2: male, 25-35, lab tech, a sleazy, perverted man; Raven: female, 18-30, long dark hair, insane patient who goes from a coma-like state to furious rage (Think: you great aunt Gert on Thanksgiving after having too much wine and passing out on the sofa then waking up to learn she missed dessert and all the pie is gone...); Daisy: female, 5-8, Caucasian, $50/day; Holly: female, 11-13, Caucasian, rebellious and jealous of her younger sister, $50/day; Gus: male, 40-60, Italian, loud, funny, very “Brooklyn”; Edgar’s Mother: female, 45-75, Caucasian, a creepy older woman; Bonnie: female, 18-30, Caucasian, extremely skinny girl suffering from delusional anorexia, must be comfortable in a bra and underwear, $50/day; Bonnie #2: female, 18-30, Caucasian, actress must be very overweight, is seen in the reflection of an anorexic girl, must be comfortable in a bra and underwear, $50/day; Shadow: male, 35-75, Native American, $50/day; Joyce: female, 20-30, promiscuous nurse (Aren't they all?), scene requires brief, non-sexual topless nudity, actress must be completely comfortable topless, $200/day; Jeremy: male, 25-40, more interested in his work than in his wife; Fortune Teller: male or female, 40-60, bizarre appearance but authentic (No fake warts, scars or extra eyeballs - all bizarre elements must be real); Officer #1: male, 25-50, looking for actor that has his own police uniform; Mr. Van Horn: male, 45-70, Caucasian, rich, heartless, corporate type; Tessa: female, 25-35, a nurse, authentic British female wanted (Authentically British or authentically female???); Various Extras. Note: Ethnicities are open except where noted.Auditions will be held in early January. Send pix & résumés to Savage Roses Productions, 295 XXXXX, Yonkers, NY 10701. You must write what role you are submitting for. Extras, write “WILL BE EXTRA” on pix. No drop-offs. Deferred pay (except where noted), plus videocopy, credit, and meals provided.

It's awesome that they are paying - especially for the women who appear comfortably topless in a non-sexual way. I applaud them. But you may not want to go publicizing to everyone else what their cast-mates will be earning... It can make for a sticky wicket, if you know what I'm saying.