Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I Guess Your Idea And My Idea Of 'Very Specific' Just Aren't The Same.

$$$$$$$$$$ ($$$? Also not very specific.)
Species 3 lead has very specific requirements:
Blue Eyes!!
gorgeous girl
willing to do topless scene
in my office VERY SOON!!! (Like, right this minute???)
closing out our submission on this tomorrow. If they aren’t here by then, they aren’t going to be submitted....


Monday, May 19, 2003

Obnoxious, Sarcastic, Bitchy Strippers Who Are Also Caring, Loving And Affectionate.

INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM CASTING CALL – RESUME AND HEADSHOT SUBMISSIONS: Female - (drumroll please...) Voluptuous Stripper types



AUDITIONS TO BE HELD: SUMMER and FALL 2003 (2004, and Winter 2006. Shoot dates TBA.)

Long Island, New York based Mishi Films is now accepting headshots, resumes, DVD and VHS audition reels, links to actors websites and web video clips for the following:

1. Female - Voluptuous Stripper types

* UNION and NON-UNION Female actors / performers
* Age range: 21-30 years old
* Height: 4"11" - 5'8" (FOUR FEET ELEVEN INCHES??? Wow. They aren't picky are they?)
* Character Traits: Obnoxious, sarcastic, bitchy, has an attitude, with a edge, yet caring, loving and affectionate.
* Must be comfortable wearing sexy lingerie
* No nudity (Until we change our minds during production.)

Submission Guidelines:

VHS Submissions:
If you have a current acting reel available we would like to see it.

Original VHS audition tapes should show a minimum of two-three monologues of existing or new and original material, and demonstrate your comedic acting ability. (Ability to swirl tassles in opposing directions while accepting money from the audience a plus.)

Mail Submissions:
Please include your e-mail address on your headshot and in your resume. Please send headshots, resumes, DVD and VHS reels to:

Michelle XXXXX - Casting Director
Mishi Films

XXXXX, NY 11725

Electronic submissions:
NOTE - E-mail attachments will not be accepted and will be deleted without being opened.
E-mail casting queries: XXXXX

If you are submitting via e-mail cut and paste your headshot and resume into the body of the
e-mail document.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

A Random Email Notice

Interesting Role for a strong actor with a South Caroline (Is that a state?) Red Neck Accent.I'm an Italian director that is going to make an interesting short where you will play this crazy Red Neck guy who is abusing his girlfriend/daughter (we don't know). We are trying to break stereotypes and show this American redneck culture with wit and warmth. The role is great and you get to play a real over the edge role. So, please show up drunk. We are shooting next week, (week days) and time is flexible. Night or day is fine according to your timetable. We Have a very clear "vision" and must stick to it. It will take a day or at the most two days shooting and each day only for few hours. The audition will be Sunday. This is a no pay job, but then again this is a great role. The film will be submitted to festival and stuff. (The "stuff" part is what's most exciting!) As there is no much time, (awww... isn't that cute? He even writes with a European accent...) if you think to be suitable send me a note and I will tell you when the audition is. (NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!! OR RESUME)I trust that you are a good strong actor and able to handle a power role with a Red Neck accent (Hurry to The Drama Bookshop now to get your "Redneck" dialect tape!) , because if you are not I'll find out Sunday (any way) and we both lose valuable time. E-mail back if interested: XXXXX...

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I Know Nothing About You, And Yet, I Want To Let You Exploit Me For Your Own Personal Gain...

"The 7M Bachelor Freak Out!"
January 20, 2003 Non Union
DESCRIPTION: 7M Pictures announces the casting of the cyberseries "The 7M Bachelor Freak Out!" This reality series will feature the most creative people in the world (Translated = freaks.) (That's not how I would have translated that, but ok...) as they search for their mate. Submit a tape that explains why you would be the perfect mate for the company's resident bachelor, 7M Pictures' President John W. XXXXX. (How convenient for him. I wonder if this project was his idea?) All races, sexes, shapes and sizes are welcome. (Sexes? Well it's nice to know he's not picky. Or perfectly straight.) Entrants must be at least age 18. Be creative, but keep it legal. (Oh, hey now, don't start telling me what I can and cannot do with my creative [read: FREAKY!] talents...) By submitting, you are agreeing to the terms of submission as posted on
. Send tapes with release form (at XXXXX.pdf) to:7M Bachelor Freak Out c/o 7M Pictures XXXXX, OH 43234For more information, write

Forget the bachelors - I can picture John W's parents freaking out right about now...

Monday, January 13, 2003

The Romance Of Prostitution!

Group II Theatre Casting for the development of a new playJANE HO Written byJohn XXXXX. Jane Ho... A high priced escort walks us through their world and the things they tell their pillow, nobody should (I talk to my comforter - never my pillow. I don't trust it.)...JANE HO...It's the touch of my hands that sooth him. It's the taste of my lips that quench him. It's breathing my essence that thaws his heart. It's the anxiety he fells when we are apart. It's my beautiful eye's that entrap him (Those are some strong eyeballs). It's the softness in my voice that excites him. It's my smile that is often so intriguing. It's the words I say when I am speaking (No way!). It's my glimmering hair that strokes him. It's my sensual walk that stirs him. It;s the feel of my rich glowing skin. It's my sex appeal that finally does him in. He... John... Has found that special je ne sais quois. That unique eau de perfume (You smell it, too?), an attractiveness that is sublimely unspeakable. You see... He's a seeker of dreams, one who looks through the mists for what he desires. With the ability to read what people do not say, or are afraid to reveal. I'm someone to join in his "dreams" and play with his fancies. Oh, my dear friend John, How you long to hear my voice before the night is through. Let there be only that passionate moment you felt when we first laid eye's on one another through dollars and words.Jane Ho will be developed for a later production.SeekingJane HoCan be played by a man or woman, ages 25 to 35.Please send headshots and res. toGROUP II Theatre 784 XXXXX Ave Suite 2L NYC NY 10025. Do not e mail headshots

Whoa. Deep.