Friday, September 23, 2005

I Wonder If Sammy Davis Jr. Ever Experienced The Same Discrimination

Roderick XXXXX (writer-dir.) is casting "Infidelity," a DV feature film shooting in October and November in and around NYC. Seeking—Trey: male, early 30s, African-American, 6'+, muscular; Mrs. Peabody: female, 50-60; Baby Girl: female, 40-50, African-American, plus-sized prostitute; Tyler: male, 40-50, African-American, haggard; Rosa: female, 50-60, Latina, immigrant; Various Larger Roles: males and females, late 20s–early 30s, African-American. Ladies, no fake hair and no fake eyes. Send pix & résumés to XXXXX NYC 10031... No pay, but credit, videocopy, and meals provided. Nonunion.

I'll Take A Pack Of Menthols, Today's 'Times', And... Oh - Are Those Melons Ripe?

Blood Bath Pictures is casting for "Bikini Blood Bath," an indie DV feature horror film starring Debbie XXXXX. Jon XXXXX & Thomas XXXXX, dir.-prods.; Bruce XXXXX, prod. Shooting Oct. 15-23 in central CT. Seeking—Actresses: attractive females, ages 18-35, lead and supporting roles, nudity required. Auditions will be held Sept. 24, 4-8 p.m. at The Underground Deli, (Like, as in and actual deli? Where you can get a sandwich and a pickle?) 1537 Stanley St., New Britain, CT (across the street from CCSU, beneath Another Bookstore, at Central Square Plaza). Sides will be provided and the auditions will be filmed. At the optional callback, one topless scene will be performed off-camera (in front of two male producers and two female casting assistants). Because they don't care how your breasts look on-camera. And they don't want to be disrespectful of you, you know, by having you taped naked if you don't get the part. They would never disrespect women like that when they can just simply pull you aside into the handicap stall of the men's room at - what I am sure is - a very nice food store and have you flash them there, where the image of your boobs will only remain in their twisted minds and NOT on film. They would never do that. Ever. Because they obviously see women as being very worthwhile and respectable creatures, with a lot more to offer the world than some b-rated acting and their exposed bosoms. If you cannot attend the auditions, send pix, résumés, and reels to Attn: Jon XXXXX, XXXXX, Plantsville, CT 96479; email; or call Jon at XXXXX. For more info, visit Pay (although you're not getting paid for the naked callback), plus videocopy, credit, meals, and lodging provided. Nonunion.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Will Work For Free DVD's

ladies needed for troma film

TROMA SHOOTIntroduction for Touch Me in the Morning, director XXXXX XXXXX (Cabin Fever) new movie. Lloyd XXXXX and the Troma Team need 8 - 10 ladies for party scene for DVD release. No pay but great exposure (I bet! "This costume makes me feel like my ass is hanging out..."), screen credit, and free DVDs. the shoot is thursday sep 15th if interested email JT a fullbody shot and your # and he will give you the info Please dress sexy. Date: Thursday, Sept. 15 2pm - 4pm (Wow. A two hour film shoot. You know it's gonna be good.)

Sincerely, JT

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Important Words (Too Bad So Few Are Spelled Correctly)

Hello everyone

This is a letter to explain a few things please read carefully.

My company JT TALENT AND CASING is 41/2 years old we do casting and managing of all types of talent .there are a few things I want to clear up that I feel is important. Fist off a lot of you submit for a lot of jobs you see me send out if you do not have headshots or comp cards on file you most likely will not be submitted. My company works with a variety of agents casting directors producers and much more . my company also cast over 30 films 10 music video lots of commercials and print jobs and we have 6 films in production right now 4 of them sag.

What a lot of you don’t understand is how important headshots and comp cards are well I cannot submit anything unprofessional and I won’t sorry but this is the way the business is. I totally agree. Obviously this man runs a completely high-class, professional company and he will not stand for anything that may make him look like AN ILLITERATE MORON! if you don’t have headshots or comp cards we can help you get them call JT 212- XXX-XXXX btw 9am and 6pm for info .by not having the right stuff you are missing a lot of jobs and submissions and its holing you back so don’t let it, now about the networking events I do these events to help the industry so you wont have to pay the $20 dollar cover charge .you can meet directors producers and so much more get treated vip and have fun. I have got so many letters from clients thanking me for the opportunity to work .heres the line up I do.

Tuesday –soprano party with XXXXX
Sunday I rest

The more clients that come out the better it is for my company to keep doing this.And please rsvp for all the events and follow the instructions for all the castings.And if your saw the TV appearance this Tuesday it should cover a lot. So now on the bottom of the email this is the address of my company if you have professional headshots and comp cards send me 10 of each immediately this goes for everyone I am sending out stuff every day so don’t miss out.For those of you who don’t I suggest you call and get your stuff done we can your stuff cheaper then anyone.if you are waiting for commissions or your headshots and comp cards make sure you either emailed me the correct info or you submitted the right pictures to be done.Things are picking up in the company we will be casting 3 films in 1 month so get ready


I'm sure he's very sweet and a very hard worker... but surely his email has spell check...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Every Casting Should Have An Open Bar

Casting for lingerie shoot
Jt TALENT AND CASTING along with digani lingerie
Will be casting for a catalog shoot for this Saturday
If your are chosen wed you will be in the shoot Saturday
No pay but great exposure and more

This shoot will be a lot of fun and take placeAt the Manhattan center On Saturday July 9th
we need the following
Ladies 21 to 35 in great shape who look good in a bikini Ladies must be comfortable in lingerie and have a great Attitude and sexy look. Any ethnic welcome
We need good-looking males 21 to 30 Any ethnic must have a good look

Ladies please wear tight fitting clothes Guys please dress to impress

Open bar 1pm to 11pm And open buffet to show we care (How about showing you care the old-fashioned way - with a PAYCHECK and a real, normal casting in an office...)
Chicken pasta and salad 21 and over please
No sneakers or shortsThe casting will be this wed July 6th
At suede 161 west 23rd street btw6th and 7th ave from 10pm to 12pm
Must say JT TALENT AND CASTING To get in free

Friday, July 01, 2005

"Deliverance" Meets Nude Bikers: All Hell Has Broken Loose

George XXXXX (prod.) will hold an open call for The 49th Line, a digital horror film about a hidden mountain community's greed that has damned its people to a bloody legacy and a nightmare force that haunts them. (A hidden mountain community's greed? I'm so desperate to know what they're so greedy about. "Thems my shiny rocks! You git yer own shiny rocks!") Dir. Drew XXXXX. Shoot starts Sept. in in Colorado. Copy, credit, meals, travel, and lodging provided. There is pay. Breakdown–Brian: male, 30s, LEAD; Sheriff: 50+, salt-and-pepper hair, five o'clock shadow; George: 45+, short, portly, disheveled, instantly likeable; Janice: early 30s, professional, Brian's girlfriend, nudity required; Jon: smaller of two brothers, good-looking, college student; Jeff: Jon's older brother, loves the ladies, loves to party; Gina: early 20s, cute, witty, partial nudity required; Hunters: late 20s-30s, gold ol' boys who love beer and guns; Biker Couple: 30s, pack riders, nudity required. (Ooookaaaaay... that doesn't sound appealing at all.) Bring comps and contact info. Open call will be held on July 9, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at XXXXX Blvd., N. Hollywood. For more information e-mail NON-UNION

I have to say I am really pleased to see this pays. It's becoming more and more apparent to me that the New York area is where most people want you to bare it all for nothing more than a piece of pizza and a bottle of Poland Spring.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Is This A Play Or A Movie?

PLACE: 1527 BRANDYWINE ST (between Green St and Spring garden St.) SUITE 105 PHILADELPHIA PA 19130
TIME: 12 NOON ? 8:00pm
TIME: 2:00pm ? 8:00pm (??? Does that mean they're not sure when they will start? I know I'm not a "professional" yet - but to me that seems... unprofessional.)
To sent up audition slot (optional) send your headshot and resume ASAP
Devil - white male, mid 40's, christopher walken type
young Soulful - 4 yr old - cute and can sing really well
Soulful - 21 yrs. old - cute and can sing really well
Malik - 25, sexy, educated gansta
Tyrone, 26, thug
Randy, 27 thug
Preacher, 30, male, well spoken, dynamic
Aunt, 28, mouthy
Mom, 27, very thin - must be able to sing
Trina, 21, sexy
Leslie, 22, sexy
Shema, 20, sexy (I know the differences are subtle, but I think, personally, I am more of a Leslie than a Shema or Trina...)
Louise, 38, heavyset - must be able to sing
Dana, 33, average looking - willing to do graphic sex scene (I'm not sure where to begin here... Trying to imagine all the girls at home reading this and saying, "That's me! I'm average-looking! I can totally do this part!" Or wondering how "graphic" this sex scene will be with said average-looking woman... Or, with the fact that no one else on the cast list is required to do a graphic sex scene, which leaves me... perplexed...)
Craig, 36, average looking, needs to be cold and unfeeling

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why Do I Feel Like I Should Call The Cops?

Casting for reality show

This will be a fun job here is what we need
We need pictures immediately by no later the Wed 10 am June 29th

8 yr old black boys
11 yr old black boys
12 yr old white boys
14 year old white boys
16 yr old white boys
16 yr old white girls
9yr old white girls
40 yr old white males

Nonunion only must email pictures immediately with Phone # attached to JT
Sincerely, JT

A casting call for a bunch of adolescent and teenage kids and middle-aged men, only? That also happens to lack any and all information on what the show is actually about? Gross. I get the feeling the men auditioning are going to get ambushed by Chris Hansen when they walk into the audition room.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Boobs Make Everything Scarier


Casting twist-ending independent horror shorts and a Gothic-type feature. Seeking: females, 18 to 30-ish, attractive, exotic, and busty types to play lead heroines, victims, vampresses, gypsies, nurses, maids; males, 30-plus, character types for intense scientists, Catholic priests. Non-union. No experience necessary (models welcome). Transportation and DVD copy. Pay for leads. Send pix & resumes to Shriekcinema...

Why bother with the twist-endings when, based on the casting notice, I'd say these projects already sound completely unpredictable and unorthodox for the horror genre. Older professional men, young top-heavy working girls... I'm frightened already.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Psychics + Lesbian Law Enforcement = Good Entertainment

Casting for "Closing Time," independent digital cinema feature. Principal photography in July in Stamford, CT. Mystery thriller about small-town sheriff and local psychic trying to solve three missing person cases. Seeking--Father Mark: Caucasian, 40-50, streetwise, conservative; Colonel Rook: Caucasian, 60-70, Korean War veteran; Nickie: all ethnicities, easygoing, friendly, lesbian sherriff; James: all ethnicities, 30-40, handsome prodigal son who may be psychic; Sandra: all ethnicities, 30-40, serious, dedicated lesbian detective. Some nudity for Nickie, James, and Sandra. Auditions will be held by appointment on May 24-26 from 9AM-5PM at Soundwaters Center, Cove Island Park, 1281 Cove Road, Stamford, CT. For an appointment, email pix and resumes to XXXXX. Meals, credit provided. Low/deferrred pay. Christopher XXXXX, dir.-writer. Producer plans to apply for SAG agreement.

I'm making an early prediction that, at some point, over a cup of warm joe and a moist old-fashioned... holsters and badges start falling to the floor as true love blossoms between the friendly and the dedicated lesbian law enforcers. Looks like James somehow gets caught in the 'action'... or did he see it coming and strategically time his visit to the small town police station???

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Skinny Hippy Type Caucation White Girl With Strung Out Look And Sting Like Hair?

Subj: 18 year old white girl needed for feature film sag waver for 2 days
.we are looking for young caucation female 18 or 19 strung out look hippy type sting like hair for a feature film auditions will be today thursday march 3rd from 11am to 3pm in ny you must send pic and attach your # ONLY 18 OR 19 skinny type
Sincerely,JT JT

Makes perfect sense. But be careful with the sting-like hair (I'm not sure if they mean they want you to look like Sting, or if your hair should be dangerously sharp - hard to say), but you'll get a SAG waver. Which, I guess, is someone from the union who stands there and waves at you.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Decent Is The New Sexy

check out this week
This week we have so great people coming so you won't want to miss this. This Friday there will be 2 Directors looking for actress and actors for there films One is a horror movie the other a comedy 1 is sag experimental. Every other week we do a networking event there and we always have celebrities So here is the deal we need ladies 18 to 30 good looking for this new horror movie Ladies must be good scream queen type and have good attitude. Guys must be good looking or decent. And not mid makeup and special effects There is some pay for this <>
JT Talent & Casting

"Good looking or decent" and "not mid makeup and special effects"? Dude, that is HARSH.

Invite The Whole Family!

LMNO Theatre Company is casting four women for a summer production of Jeff Bedillion's "Biblical Bitches." Seeking—Eve: 20s, heroine-chic, dark poet; Delilah: 30s, white trash, rock 'n' roll songstress; Jessie Belle: 40s, voluptuous, country-western singer-dancer; Magdalene: 20s, porn star turned pop star. Some nudity. No pay for rehearsals. Per performance stipend. Send pix & resumes to LMNO Theatre Company, PO Box XXXXX, NYC 10014, Attn: Bitches.

Ever see that episode of Seinfeld where he dates the nude chick and decides that not all nudity is good nudity, and that there are just some things one shouldn't do in the nude? Remember that? Well, I have a feeling that rock n' roll and country/western singing and dancing fall into that that category, too.

Lame Title? Check.


4/16, 4/17, 4/23, and 4/24 from 12noon-5PM at XXXXX W. 92 St., Suite 22D, NYC. Mary Allen Productions will be holding auditions for a reading of its new play "Beyond the Palisades." To be read in July at The Dramatist Guild of America. John XXXXX, writer. Seeking—Elvee Tulsa: lead, in the early 1970s, a woman, a singer from New Orleans (singing not required) is conned by a man, Dakota Raye, who promises her stardom beyond her wildest dreams in NYC. Instead of bringing her to the lights of Broadway, he takes her to the streets of Palisades, NJ. He strips her of everything she was and leads her into a life of drugs, stripping and prostitution, 20-40; Dakota Raye: pimp and slime ball, in every sense of the word, The Devil himself, late 20s, any type; Jade: 20s, fellow prostitute and friend of Elvee; Angie: 20s, fellow prostitute and friend of Elvee; Billie: late teens-20, child born mute and daughter of Elvee, all acting is physical; Marta: a homeless woman who carries the body of the play. Also seeking: street types of the 1970s, anything from riff raff, street beggars, male prostitutes, slime, and johns who cheat on their wives. They will steal anything from anyone, including him or her. Elements from deep within the belly of the beast, any type, any age, very colorful. Especially seeking--Francesca: pretty male homosexual prostitute, any type, very colorful; Craig: pretty male homosexual prostitute, any type, very colorful; Blue: homeless stret musician, any type; Zataran: homeless heroin addict, any type, talks to himself; Hogan: slime, riff raff, walks with a limp and stutters his words. Ethnic types encouraged to audition. Pay involved (Oh yeah? To what degree? Because for some reason I don't believe you…). Prepare a three- to five-minute monologue (Holy crap! That's an effing long monologue!). May be asked to read from script. Auditions will be held Sat. April 16, Sun. April 17, Sat. April 23, and Sun. April 24 from 12noon-5PM at XXXXX W. 92 St., Suite 22D, NYC.

Sad, lonely, talented woman desperate for stardom? Check.
Prostitute? Check.
Homeless person? Check.
Physically or mentally challenged character? Check.
Innocent child caught in the drama? Check.
Character named after a state? Check
Character named after a precious/semi-precious stone or gem? Check.
Stripping, drugs, prostitution and at least three forms of "slime"? Check.

Order your tickets now people - this is gonna be a hit!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Can You Call It An Interview?

must have pictures by email before friday feb 18th
THE HUSTLER CLUB - NY Interviews: Wednesday February 23, 2005 NON-UNION COMMERCIAL RATE: $400 SEEKING: [ SEXY EXOTIC DANCERS } Females, Caucasian Blondes, Asians, Latinos. Must be attractive, incredibly sexy, have a beautiful body, and be able to dance. No nudity involved. Wear sexy clothing for audition. Bring several headshots and photos to leave. Breast augmentation a plus.

"Yeah mom, I'm really excited. It's at The Hustler Club... No, mom, geez! I'm not gonn abe a stripper! I just have to get a boob job and wear a thong bikini in the middle of winter - that's ALL! Sheesh. And leave about a dozen photos behind for the guys, you know, so they can remember my face. And my phone number. It's just an 'interview'! God. I don't understand why you're always so overprotective. I know - why don't you put dad on the phone..."