Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Nudity Required/No Pay

TriQuest Films is casting for the feature "Black Whisper" about an over-the-hill actor who sleepwalks his way into murder, then into the life of his victim. "Strangers on a Train" meets "Purple Noon." Seeking—Jeff: murderer, actor, 48, very cool, remorseless, cunning; Szabina—the widow, 30, complex, bisexual, honest, an exhibitionist, consumed by love, brilliant, beautiful, speaks fluent German, nudity required; Phillip: the victim, Hollywood producer, 49, handsome, successful; Dickie Randall: 50, fundraiser, knows everybody who is anybody in the theatre, gay, slightly effeminate; PI Conrad: a sleazy detective, ruthless, 40, rakish; Clare: 19, a beautiful inexperienced girl of good family, determined to find her sister who has vanished under mysterious circumstances, hires Conrad who catapults her into a world at odds with her religious upbringing, nudity required; Mary: Clare's sister, takes a position as maid at Phillip's estate, nudity required; The Stranger: indefineable, stalks Szabina, androgynous, compelling, relentless, key to Szabina, her life, her future, a spy, possible nudity. No pay. Send pictures and resumes to director Ralph XXXXX at 1210 XXXXX Road, Wallingford, CT XXXXX. No phone calls. NON-SAG PEFORMERS.

What? Like, almost everyone in this film gets naked - except the androgenous character, which I find very amusing that he/she is listed only as "possible nudity".

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