Thursday, April 14, 2005

Invite The Whole Family!

LMNO Theatre Company is casting four women for a summer production of Jeff Bedillion's "Biblical Bitches." Seeking—Eve: 20s, heroine-chic, dark poet; Delilah: 30s, white trash, rock 'n' roll songstress; Jessie Belle: 40s, voluptuous, country-western singer-dancer; Magdalene: 20s, porn star turned pop star. Some nudity. No pay for rehearsals. Per performance stipend. Send pix & resumes to LMNO Theatre Company, PO Box XXXXX, NYC 10014, Attn: Bitches.

Ever see that episode of Seinfeld where he dates the nude chick and decides that not all nudity is good nudity, and that there are just some things one shouldn't do in the nude? Remember that? Well, I have a feeling that rock n' roll and country/western singing and dancing fall into that that category, too.

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