Monday, May 23, 2005

Psychics + Lesbian Law Enforcement = Good Entertainment

Casting for "Closing Time," independent digital cinema feature. Principal photography in July in Stamford, CT. Mystery thriller about small-town sheriff and local psychic trying to solve three missing person cases. Seeking--Father Mark: Caucasian, 40-50, streetwise, conservative; Colonel Rook: Caucasian, 60-70, Korean War veteran; Nickie: all ethnicities, easygoing, friendly, lesbian sherriff; James: all ethnicities, 30-40, handsome prodigal son who may be psychic; Sandra: all ethnicities, 30-40, serious, dedicated lesbian detective. Some nudity for Nickie, James, and Sandra. Auditions will be held by appointment on May 24-26 from 9AM-5PM at Soundwaters Center, Cove Island Park, 1281 Cove Road, Stamford, CT. For an appointment, email pix and resumes to XXXXX. Meals, credit provided. Low/deferrred pay. Christopher XXXXX, dir.-writer. Producer plans to apply for SAG agreement.

I'm making an early prediction that, at some point, over a cup of warm joe and a moist old-fashioned... holsters and badges start falling to the floor as true love blossoms between the friendly and the dedicated lesbian law enforcers. Looks like James somehow gets caught in the 'action'... or did he see it coming and strategically time his visit to the small town police station???

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