Friday, February 24, 2006

Debbie Does The Lost Ravine

PC Productions is casting Scalp, a low-budget DV horror feature film about six hikers who get trapped in a lost ravine (Where does a ravine go for help when it's lost?) and revive a dormant horror. Paul XXXXX, prod. Shooting in June or September in NY & NJ. Seeking—Three Males and Three Females: 25-35, all ethnicities, attractive, one is named Debbie and has straight black hair, (Whoa! Whoa. That's a lot of detail on these characters. Let's keep it simple. Telling me the name and hair color of 1 out of 6 leads? ...I need to rest my brain a minute in order to process all this information.) LEADS; Various Pilgrim Roles. Also seeking staff—DP, Gaffer, Sound, Production Designer & SFX, Costumes, PAs (Does anyone else see red flags when a casting notice is looking for staff at the same time it's casting? Like they have put the cart WAAAY before the horse?). Auditions are currently in progress. Send pix & résumés and reels to PC Productions, 41 XXXXX St., Midland Park, NJ 07432. For more info, visit XXXXX. Pay, plus credit, meals, and transportation provided. Producer plans to apply for SAG Ultra Low-Budget Contract.

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