Friday, September 08, 2006

"I Say, Gov'nah, What's That Shiny Horseless Carriage Behind You?"

Glass Eye Pix is casting the 16mm and HDDV feature film I Sell the Dead, a period horror film set in the 1700s. Glenn XXXXX, writer-dir. Shooting mid-October to November in and around NYC. SeekingRonnie Burke: 40-45, male, burly affable bartender, brutish but charming, comic sensibility, British accent; Dr. Vernon Quint: 50-60, male, thin and tall, angular features, demanding presence, Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee Type British accent; Cornelius Murphy: 40s, male, Black Irish, piercing eyes, handsome and intense, British accent; Valentine Kelly: female, tall, pale-skinned, haunting and graceful presence, must have ballet or dance experience. Send pix & rsums to Glass Eye Pix, 296 XXXXX St., NYC 10012. Some pay, plus meals and travel provided. Producer plans to apply for a SAG Low Budget Agreement.

A low-budget period piece taking place in the 18th Century and being shot in and around modern day Manhattan? They must have a way with a glue-gun and tinfoil that is just miraculous!


Chris Lucas said...

Very very funny blog! I'm glad someone is taking these "casting directors" to task. I've passed the stage of being desperate enough to answer some of these ads long ago. Thanks for warning the newer actors/actresses (in a humorous way) about potential scams.

I wish you success in your career.

- Chris Lucas

Gabby said...

Thank you! If you can't laugh at yourself and the crap you're surrounded by - then what can you laugh at? Please pass along the link to your friends!