Thursday, February 22, 2007

Implied Nudity & Implied Payment

Gorman XXXXX (writer-dir.) is casting Friends (With Benefits), a funky romantic comedy from the filmmakers of You Are Alone ( Shooting in April in CT. Seeking—Tatiana: 25, supermodel gorgeous, implied nudity; Lilly: 21, sexy webcam girl-next door (ahh yes, the sexy-webcam-girl-next-door... I believe you can trace this stock character's roots back to the Comedia dell'arte) , nudity, sexual situations; Phoebe: 21, attractive with a heavy accent (French preferred), nudity, sexual situations; Young Chloe: 10, adorable, brown-haired hazel-eyed girl; Young Owen: 10, cute brown-haired brown-eyed boy with a dimple in his chin; Owen’s Father: 50s, rich, Republican doctor; Owen’s Mom: 50s, attractive, Republican wife, family moderator; Richard: a male Dr. Melfi, 40s, therapist; Psychology Professor: 50s, male or female, academia, sexual situation (why are the men involved in the 'sexual situations' always twice the age of the women???); Dan: 24, drummer in alternative band (must be able to play drums); Girl With Hoodie: 18, cute with an amazing body. Note: All roles listed are supporting roles. (Imagine how good it'd feel to know your naked boobs supported a film...) Send pix & résumés to Casting, PO Box XXXXX, Hamden, CT 06517; or email to XXXXXcom. Producer is applying for SAG Ultra Low Budget Film Agreement.

For those of you who are curious, the ad breakdown read "possible pay".

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