Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ugly And Unable To Draw

Type: Print
CastingClient: Trident
Shoot Date: Thursday February 21, 2008?
Rate/Usage: One year unlimitied print use in allmedia USA. -$1,000.00 total $1,200.00. Model usage for second year option. $750.00 ea.
Submit: email submissions to: XXXXX.com

Man: Ugly, International Latin Looking 30-35 year old Has character - UGLY... maybe cross-eyed, dark hair, interesting ugly but still lovable, not cartoonist. (I know they mean cartoonISH, but I think it'd be hysterical if they actually were barring cartoonists from auditioning.) Ugly in a way, but still endearing. The client has really stressed the UGLY part of the equation.

Yes. Yes, the client has.

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