Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ok, But I Just Have 1 Question: Is This A Non-Union Shoot?

9 Run Run (This is a NON UNION SHOOT )
Feature Film, Non-Union
Union Status: Non-Union
Run(Usage): 10 day shoot (18 hour day) This is a NON UNION SHOOT (Ok, raise your hands if you want to work for 18 hours a day, for 10 days without pay and no union protections!). IF you ARE UNION WE WILL NOT AUDITION YOU.
Rate: NO PAY. Transportation and Feeding During Shoot. This is a NON UNION SHOOT. IF you ARE UNION WE WILL NOT AUDITION YOU.

Submissions Due By 1/9/2009
Callback Note: Only Talent with an X-factor (I'm glad they mentioned that - I would have forgotten to bring my x-factor. Goodness knows a non-paying non-union gig exploiting women deserves nothing but the best possible actresses - God speed good casting people!) will be receive call backs Please if you are with a union please be advised the This is a Non Union shoot and we are not auditioning union talent for this project.

Synopsis: In a bid to find new sense of purpose following the tragic death of her mother and escape her over protective father to find some peace and sanity in her life, a self absorbent (as absorbent as Sham-Wow?!) gap year university student, embarks on a road trip, with her best friend and six final year film students seeking adventure, thrill and excitement, while at the same time making a documentary for their final year project. Everything is going exactly as planned, until an irresistible hitch hiker comes into the equation, Now they learn an untold tale, of a serial killer of a different breed, presumed dead in a fire (That actually sounds like a fairly common breed), from the only escape victim, (A note on the over-use of commas: when in doubt - leave it out) that took place, 25 years earlier, before most of them were born. Now, they seek to unearth and document that tale but complications arise when what starts out as a road tripping, soul searching and consequently tale seeking journey becomes the beginning of nightmare, a game of survivalFor the tale they see is more than just a tale, its alive, and out to history.


Supporting / Female / All Ethnicities / 18 - 30 / Nudity / Sexual Situations
ROLE # 7 Seeking 1 talent for this role : ALEKSANDRA Mc CAINE,Female, 24, Tomboy, a bit of a pot head, doesn't really give a shit about anything. She has a brother Mario, two years her senior. Together they were brought up by her grand mother after parents died in a car crash. Mario left home at 17 and has never been heard from since. Aleksandra ran away from home twice in her teens, in attempts to find and reunite herself with her brother. After the second attempt failed she gave it up, but still kept him in her heart. Most guy's that show interest in her end up being losers. She has an extreme talent with electronics, She loves (PINK ) and occasionally smokes a joint (well she IS a bit of a pot-head...). Aleks is one of the most part stable and yet a carefree individual. She's independent and rock like character having many sterling qualities being confidence, strong will and calm. She is nevertheless, fair as well as demanding. She is practical and prudent, Ambitious and disciplined, Patient and careful, Humorous and reserved.
Rate: No Pay

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