Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Not-Very-Originals

JT Talent and Casting will be casting B Originals New (new what?) that will be shot on Sunday Nov 15th in Paterson NJ from 1 pm to 6pm.

This video will have the amazing DJ Deep Freeze from Sub Zero Magazine and DVD. There is no pay but Great exposure and a Chance to meet some Great People. We are looking for the following parts

1 (10) Female Models 21 to 30 any ethic (Really? Any ethics welcome? That's dicey...) sexy good Bodies (You know - ladies who are looking for their Mr. Good Bodies...)
2 (4) Female HIP Hop Dancers any Ethnic
3 (2) Body Guards Big Bouncer Types

Here is the Breakdown if you are interested please email JT Pictures and info

Artist Name : Be OriginalSong Title : "Roll It Hold It"

Scene Props : Cars, House backdrops, Champagne Bottles, Cameras, Models, Dancers, Food, ECT. (Do we need to bring our own props or something? Why are you telling us this?)

Content : The video will portray Be Original as an artist performing the song in three or more scenarios including car scenes, club scene and with dancers. The song is an upbeat hip-hop dance song with a lot of energy. One scene will also show a photo shoot of models posing and walking catwalk style.

SCENE ONE : The song starts with an announcement and the scenes will show Be Original, the cars and models and other participants in the video. The break of the song will show dancers, Be Original and dancers.

SCENE TWO : The first verse of the song comes in and Be Original is shown performing with partners, then with models and than by himself.

SCENE THREE : There is a break in the song that will feature the dancers, then props such as champagne bottles and more cars. (The image in my head of this scene is hysterical.)

SCENE FOUR : This scene will show all participants (especially models) going crazy to the song. Be Original will do certain scenes that don't show him performing just may be grooving to the beat, blowing kisses at models or posing by the cars ECT. (IT'S ETC. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Short for ET CETERA.)

SCENE FIVE : Dancers are dancing hard to the song and lyrics (To the song and lyrics? At the same time?! Crazy.). More models getting their pictures taken and doing sexy poses and wilding out with the guys.

SCENE SIX : This scene shows BeOriginal getting in and out of cars, with the models in the cars, models say certain lyrics and everyone having a great time. The shoots are open for suggestions on creative input, camera angles and wardrobe.

This particular day of shooting will also include random shots of guests who are willing to participate in the video. There will also be group model scenes of the posing and dancing. Many of the scenes will be in slow motion to add drama to the video (and sloooowly jiggling boobs...)

Any questions or concerns call JT 
646-XXX-XXXX or 646-XXX-XXXX

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