Tuesday, November 15, 2011

May-December NR/NP


Student Film
NYU Graduate Thesis Short Film
Seeking SAG and Non-SAG Actors
- Meals, transportation, and copy of final film provided.
XXXXX, Writer/Director/Producer
XXXXX, Director of Photography
Casting Director: Melanie
Interview Dates: By Appointment
Shoot Date: November 15, 2010
Location: Rockaway, Queens, NY


A narrative short film exploring the transition from unprotected childhood to adulthood. An impoverished but headstrong teenager embarks on a potentially self-destructive path when
she attempts to sell sexual favors to support herself in Rockaway, Queens, NY.

[ TERESA ] A petite powerhouse with delicate features. Teresa had escaped to live with her grandmother within the past couple of years after being sexually abused by her stepfather unbeknownst to her mother. Her grandmother has just died and she now faces the struggle of supporting herself while grieving a great loss. (Female, Caucasian, 17 in appearance, partial nudity required, sexual situations. MUST BE 18+.) [ DONOVAN ] Local deli store worker. He is in love with Teresa but their age gap and her unpredictable behavior has interfered with him having the nerve to openly express it. His affection runs deep for her but Teresa takes advantage of his good heart when desperation sets in. (Male, Caucasian or Mixed ethnicity, 20s) [ MITCH ] A lonely bar owner and divorcee, he becomes the object of Teresa's misguided efforts to raise money in exchange for sex. His natural charm and honesty is refreshing. (Male, Caucasian, Irish/Italian preferred, 30s to 40s, partial nudity required, sexual situations) [ CARL ] Teresa’s stepfather who had a sexual relationship with her without her mother’s knowledge. He has offered Teresa money hoping she will remain silent about their secret and guilt.(Male, Caucasian, 30s to 40s) [ MIKE ] A local, privileged delinquent. He spends his time trying hard to impress his friends who are all good skateboarders. Teresa toys with him and ends up being humiliated instead. (Male, Various ethnicities, 15-17) [ FEATURED EXTRAS ] Experienced skateboarders. (Male, Caucasian, 15-17)

Ok, I get it. It happens. And I'm sure it's a gripping story: young girls prostituting themselves. Such a shame. I just always, always question a student production requiring nudity with sexual situations. Especially for no pay. And with a young woman and older man. Eek.


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