Monday, April 16, 2012

OMG, You Guys! This Coulda Been My Big Break.

I got this email a couple weeks ago:

Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 12:15am
To: [That Hot Bitch Gabby]

Congrats,you have been selected for TWO great opportunities.

1) You have been selected to audition for the comedic project entitled QUICKDRAW as you submitted your resume/headshot on Casting Networks,Inc. Quickdraw is a family comedy/drama about foster homes and the life story of several adults that reflect on their youth in foster homes. The audition will take place Saturday April 7th,2012 at Ripley Grier studios. You will be provided with a monologue to read. The time for your audition will be emailed to you once you respond to this message....

So, at first I was all like, "Great!" And then...

2) You are ALSO invited to attend a large and extremely popular networking event that the Producer will be hosting at a restaurant in Midtown,NYC in which local media will be in attendance. At this event will be two TMZ photographers as well as entertainment reporters from the news channel New York 1 and 3 public relations reps from production companies. There will also be 2 casting directors that are currently ca! sting for General Hospital in L.A. All of these guests will be available to meet and ready to answer any of your questions,take your resumes/headshots,etc. This is a great opportunity to meet these individuals just please be dressed in nice, professional, attire/clothing. There will also be music provided by several dj's and free drinks the first hour. This will be a great way to go out and network with successful film/tv individuals while still enjoying the night as well with many actors and actresses. (Because there is NO better way to meet people for professional purposes than in a loud bar after a cocktail or two - am I right?) This event will be going from 9pm-2am on Saturday,March 31st. We already have many actors and actresses on the guest list so if you will be attending this networking event please confirm by emailing XXXXX at This event will be at a bar/restaurant on 51st and 10th ave. You may bring guests. Complete information will be provided once you confirm that you will be attending. Once you do,you will be placed on a guest list. Once again, email me (XXXXX) at to confirm. From- XXXXX (Assistant director)

And then I was all like, "Ugh. *eyeroll* No." So, this was my reply:

I'm happy to attend the audition on April 7. I have a matinee performance that day at 3, so I can come before 2 (I have a 2 o'clock call time in midtown), or after 5.

As for the "events," I find this all rather unorthodox. It's also a holiday weekend. So I won't be attending that. But like I said, I am happy to audition if this is for a legitimate project.

Thank you.

Guess what? I never heard back. Shocking.

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