Thursday, February 07, 2013

I Can't Out-Do This Title

PA, 'Leaving Virginville'

White Lyte Productions is casting "Leaving Virginville," a coming-of-age independent feature film. Melissa XXXXX, writer-dir.

Shooting July-November 2013, mostly Fridays and Saturdays in Lehigh Valley & Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas.

Project description: "The story of Faith, a girl who loses her father when she is eleven years old. When a suicide attempt after his funeral fails Faith is convinced that she has proved there is no God. The film picks up with Faith at eighteen and rebelling against her mother and Catholic school society. When Faith gets expelled from school her mother Christina suggests she go live with her cousin Phoebe in Philadelphia and try to find something in this life that will make her happy. When Faith gets to Philadelphia she discovers that the life she thought she wanted does not make her happy either. So she is left questioning who she truly is and what she believes."

Seeking—Faith: 18-20, a High school senior, tall, slender, black hair, dark eyes, rebellious, intelligent, jaded, topless nudity required for s strip club scene, and a scene where she is photographed after passing out. Phoebe: 21-25, Faith's older cousin, a cross between Edie Sedgwick, Zelda Fitzgerald and a suicide girl, a stripper and Bohemian princess, must have tattoos, piercings preferred, roll requires some topless nudity for strip club scenes, and simulated sex scene. Byron: 25-30, a Henry Rollins type, lead singer of the rock band "Rude Mechanicals", intelligent, artistic and manipulative, lives off his girlfriend Phoebe's income. Rich: 29-34, a talented photographer who's managed to find a balance between pursuing his art with the Bohemian types and making a living shooting family portraits. Christina: 35-40, Faith's mother, at the end of her rope with her rebellious daughter, loving, kind, patient (except for now - when she's at the end of her rope. Then she is short-tempered and ready to ship her kid off the Whoretown). Father Bezanson: 24-27, a young priest who connects with Faith, a forward thinker and attractive priest (ummm, what?). He understands that Faith is the only one who can make her life peaceful.

To apply, submit pix & resumes XXXXX.

No pay, but copy, credit & meals provided.

The town's name is Virginville? No towns are named Virginville. It would only attract two types of people: overprotective dads and creepy men.

And the girl's name is Faith? And her mother - who sends her to Catholic school - her name is Christina? This is all a little heavy-handed, dontcha think?

Or... perhaps Virginville does exist... somewhere near Pussy Valley, or... Beyond the Palisades??? (These two projects should get married.)

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