Monday, April 15, 2013

Sounds Like It.

"A HARD PILL TO SWALLOW" is dark humor, horror, and suspenseful film directed by Cyril XXXXX
Project Type: Webisode/Webseries
Union Status: Non-Union
Pay Scale: No pay. Food, transportation and reel provided.
Shoot Date: 05/01/13

A female gynecologist discovers a top secret drug can which resolve fertility issues while also increasing sex drive. She recommends the drug for the husband of her patient who seems to have a low sex drive. As usage of the drug begins to change his life he also starts experiencing side effects like memory loss. Meanwhile he suddenly has an enormous sexual appetite. Requesting Submissions From New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico

HOOKERS / Non-Union / "Supporting" / Supporting / Female / All Ethnicities / 20-30
Seeking 3 hookers. Sexy body/dressed has hookers. Eddie (the husband) will wake up next to the 3 dead hookers, a lot of coke on the table. He wont have any memories of what happened the night before. This role involves partial nudity being dressed as a hooker in underwear. Please apply only if you are comfortable with the role.
Wardrobe: dressed as hookers (duh)
Rate: no pay , transportation, food , reel provided
STUDENTS / Non-Union / "Supporting" / Supporting / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18-20
Seeking talent to portray male and female students. Females need to be looking young and sexy. This is because of the drug Eddie is taking he will be focus on the attractiveness of the young female students. (Riiiiiiight.... blame it on the drugs, Eddie.)
Wardrobe: young student type of look
Rate: transportation , food , reel provided

LINDZY THE WIFE / Non-Union / "Leading" / Principal / Female / Caucasian / 30-40
Lindzy is a very attractive woman. Many men desire her but she is faithful to her husband. She is really frustrated that her husband has a low sex drive, she feels miserable and really wants to improve that aspect of her life. This role involves partial nudity. Underwear and a bathing suit.
Wardrobe: sexy classy (Like, you know - underwear and a bathing suit.)
Rate: No pay. Food, transportation and reel provided.
Sexual Situations: . This role involves partial nudity. Underwear and a bathing suit. Sexual situations making love to her husband

 EDDIE THE HUSBAND / Non-Union / "Leading" / Principal / Male / Caucasian / 30-40
Eddie is a good looking man. He would do anything to make his wife happy. He is a teacher. He is really frustrated about his fertility issue since he really wants to have a kid. A Bradley Cooper type of look would be perfect.
Wardrobe: white collar type of guy
Rate: no pay
Nudity/Sexual Situations: As far as the nudity Eddie will appear in underwear Sexual Situations love scenes with his wife, he will also wake next to 3 dead hookers

For what it's worth, I thought this female gynecologist discovered a drug for women, not men. But I guess it's for men? Whatever. Let's not get bogged down in specifics. What matters here is the completely original plot: A man on fertility drugs becomes sex-crazed and kills three prostitutes. (So... take that, Rush Limbaugh? Being a drugged-up 'slut' isn't just for chicks anymore.)

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